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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


GBE 2: Blog On

Recently I read where our state, along with several others, want to demand that anyone on financial subsidy from the state will do volunteer work.  So…this is MY take on things…you, society, demanded my lovely granddaughter not be aborted when we found out she would need special care 24/7 making it impossible for my daughter to work so she is working within the state funded support system.  Now you want to demand she leave my precious cargo with a paid for care taker to go do volunteer work?  There is a law, being pushed by the Tea Party here in Michigan, to demand anyone on State Subsidy must work at businesses which typically utilize volunteers.  

“She’s beautiful”…..”Aww, she has her mother’s eyes”…..”So small and delicate, a lotus flower”……

When my beautiful Number Two Granddaughter was born, these words flew out of the mouths of anyone fortunate enough to behold her and witness her aura. 

She emanated the colors of the rainbow.  She glowed with red determination, for she was born with a serious heart defect.  The effort she expended to live past the anticipated “one month at best” was heart breaking to watch.  When she looked into your eyes, the bubble gum pink of love filled the room, for as we all know; Down Syndrome people are filled with angelic love for all. 

Beautiful Number Two Granddaughter is now just over a year and has begun to pull herself along the floor, perhaps by the time she reaches two she will be crawling.  I am so proud of her mother.  My daughter takes wonderful care of our precious little one. 

Number Two has two doctor appointments per week as well as three physical therapy sessions per week.  She must be on an oxygen tank respirator when she sleeps and it must be monitored as she tends to pull it off her face.  Her herniated belly makes dressing her nearly as difficult as strapping her into her high chair.  Even more precarious is the strapping into a car seat!  The buckles hit right on her little tummy. 

You don’t get to tell young girls to give birth to children who are going to need extensive care, demanding they stay home to deliver this care and then tell them they don’t deserve our help.  You, the Moral Minority do NOT get to make those judgments. Because she may run to the grocery store while the little one is at physical therapy, you don’t get to pass judgment because you cannot see the disability.  She is usually doing that for YOUR benefit as much as hers…since it accosts your fragile sensibilities to see such a person as one with a disability.  

This is just one example of why this bill should be vetoed.  We live in an imperfect world with an imperfect government ruling over imperfect people.  Yes, there will always be that 1% who abuse the system….but why would you reprimand the other 99% rather than find that 1% and do something about them.  Most of the people who utilize our State/National Funded Assistance programs are doing the best they can with the little we as a society offer them. 

If my sister, who was on disability and food stamps during the last few months of her life while battling cancer had to go do volunteer work?!  She had difficulty getting to the bathroom much less doing any type of work. 

This bill strips society of our empathy.