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Friday, August 24, 2012

Snapshot GBE 2 ; Week #66


The photo was passed back and forth on several different Facebook sites.  Someone had found it in their barn.  It had been hidden in a crevice.  Hidden from prying eyes, to be gazed at by some adoring young person. 

Two young, vibrant, smiling men.  Donned in their military fatigues.  Whether they had just gotten home or were ready to ship out, I wouldn’t know.  I did enjoy reviewing their features to see if I could recognize my school chums in any of their faces. 

One person wrote, ‘I’ll repost this snapshot so my Aunt Lucinda can see it.  Maybe she knows one of these young men.”

Another person posted, “That one on the right, he looks like one of the Belcher boys.

The original Facebook picture was posted by Leah Spencer.  She asks if Aunt Sandy might know, she was friendly with all the boys in uniform.  Twenty seven comments and half a dozen shares, no one knows who the boys are or who had squirreled the picture away to look upon it in privacy. 

Snapshots are wonderfully personal stops capturing an emotion in time. 



  1. I wonder if the guys will end up being recognized. I hope so...that'd probably make someone's day.

  2. Thanks Word for reading. The picture turned up in a barn in South Boardman, Michigan....a friends daughter found it. It's been fun passing around and tracking it.

  3. I'm having a love affair with the old family photos on my hard drive. Yours would fit right in.

  4. This is that time of year when one sits under the August skies and goes through old photo albums. Loved your post.

  5. i guess we just all have to wait for a comment, "hey, who post my pic on the net"... or "i been looking for this for a long time". LOL. Yahweh bless.

  6. I love looking at old photographs even if I don't know the people. But I do love to hear the stories about the people in them.