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Friday, December 20, 2013

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice

GBE 2: Blog On  Week #135

Flopping down onto the bed, she lay on her back.  The ceiling seemed to hold her thoughts and floating between herself and the ceiling lay memories.  Floating as dust mites, wafting and waiting for recollection.

The last time she felt this wound up, this exuberant, this on edge, she had to sleep for days afterwards in recuperation.  Older and wiser, she understood the consequences of acting on this “feeling”. Plucking that memory from the air she turned onto her side and smiled.  Mona Lisa couldn't give a more mischievous smile.

“Naughty!” She heard that often while running down the hallway after chewing on the spare roll of toilet paper her human kept hidden in the cabinet.  “Naughty!” After biting the toothpaste tube and eating that glorious minty gel, then throwing it all up in the middle of the couch.  “Naughty!” When her human’s friend walked past and she grabbed a leg to trip them up.  “Naughty!” The litter box was full so she had to resort to using her human’s clothing which was strewn on the floor.  “Naughty!”  As she put her paw into her human’s drink container to have a little taste.  “Naughty!” The dead mouse got the best reaction.

Laughing, she licked her paw.  There is much to be said for Naughty! Naughty definitely gets attention.  But, then, again….there is “Nice.”

Nice is lying here on the human’s bed, breathing in the wisp of dreams left behind.  Insinuating her own so they might intertwine for tonight.  Nice is curled on the human’s lap watching “Animal Planet”, when it’s Big Cat week! Nice is being scratched in all those places she just can’t reach herself.  Nice is a shared treat from the kitchen.  Nice is sitting together on the deck in the Spring sun. 

There is much good to be said about nice. Nice gets another kind of attention.  After all, isn't that the real question?  How will you demand your attention?  Naughty or Nice?



  1. That is the question! I prefer nice, but naughty does work out well for me sometimes!
    Great take, Leigh and so artfully crafted. Love it.

  2. Nice is nice, but naughty definitely has its place.

  3. Cats are naughty. You should get a dog. Okay, they can be naughty, too.