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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Are The Auld Stories True?

Are the Auld Stories True?

We were off to “who knows where”.  I was in the passenger seat idly looking out the window at my flowers.  That’s when I saw.  I was so stunned!  I sat back in the seat.  Not comprehending the conversation Bob was apparently in the middle of.  Today, changed my life.  I know what I saw.   I know that I saw!

It was a lovely morning in mid May.  The sun, while warm, was still crisp with Spring time.  Some mornings there was still a bit of a nip in the air.   The air was so clean still that distance was nearly inconceivable. 

Gazing at my hydrangea bush, he flew into my line of sight.  We locked eyes.  He knew that I saw him, and I knew I had seen him.  He was at least four feet in the air.  Flying at, what seemed to me, break neck speed straight at our car! His auburn hair was close cropped or pulled backing into some sort of tail. The wings, my brain said, are those of a dragon fly! What left an indelible mark on my memory were the startling blue eyes. He was no more than ten feet from us. In the blink of an eye, he reverse direction.  

It didn't seem to me that he had legs. Or perhaps they were tucked up under him, not unlike some birds. I did see something on his arm, a band of some sort.  I can only guess the meaning of it.  Perhaps it signified his detail at patrolling the yard. 

That very instant my life changed.  While I haven’t been so fortunate as to be a part of their confidence, I now treat my garden in a much different fashion.  I am concerned, how many in their clan?  Where is their location? How many of them are there?  What is their territory?  Are all the auld stories true?

I quit picking the strawberries from my garden, and yet they disappear.  I set out small bits of leftovers, they disappear overnight. Bob and I make certain there is daily fresh water in the bird bath and the bee bath.  Scraps of thread, yarn and material also vanish from the back yard.  The carpenter bees are gone from our yard and still I hear movement in the wood they used to inhabit.

Wondering where they spend the winter, I have peeked into nooks and crannies around the neighborhood.  It is now firmly cemented in everyone's mind, I am the crazy lady on the corner!  

We, Bob and I, are very pleased at this point.  And, yet, I am concerned. Are all the auld stories of Faeries and Elves and Trolls, and their wars true? We are a little fearful for what may come in the Spring. 



  1. Oh, now THAT is mystery! I'd be DYIN' for spring to show up!

  2. It's time to install those tiny doors all over the yard.

  3. I always knew you were one of THOSE. Takes one to know one:)