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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Life's Passions

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Life’s Passions

This week, our host Kathy Thompson, has invited us to speak about our Life’s Passions.  To address each past passion, I would need far more time and attention than you would care to indulge me!  I enjoy many things about and in life.  Listed below are passions that haunt the front of my mind on a daily basis.  Thank you for stopping by.

I guess I’m just an odd ball or simply old.  At one point in my life, I was passionate about what I did.  But, that was work, or a creative outlet, or the act of acquiring knowledge.  These days I’m passionate about life in general. I would like to live long and happily.
With the passing of the meteor, so many friends and relatives “passing”, and watching the blatant greed of politicians and big business, I am passionately worried about life!  Not only mine, but everyone’s. 

I worry about our planet.  I worry about the water in the Great Lakes.  I worry about the oil spills and pollution in the oceans.  I worry about the loss of both frogs and bees for they are sign posts of how Mother Nature is accepting her mistreatment. 

I worry about our planet.  I worry about the loss of ozone.  Were the caverns dug all those thousands of years ago dug because at one time humanity could not withstand the amount of light the planet was being radiated with?  Did we cause the ozone so that life might flourish?  If so, how can we do that again?  Oh yeah, reduce the green house gases we are currently emitting.  If only greed for oil could turn to greed for safe living. 

I worry about our planet.  I worry about world hunger.  I am concerned about world hunger and so many children who are lost or growth retarded because of it.  I know that here in America we ship a lot of food overseas, but that has been GMO foods and other countries no longer accept those foods.  So, what happened to it?  It was brought back to America and fed to the locals….now let’s see what happens.  I worry that due to what we have done to the food sources, people are eating more but eating less healthful.  I worry about the brain power we are creating. 

I worry about our planet.  I worry about the overpopulation of our planet.  I don’t know how we can sustain all the people we have created.  The church, and many of his followers,  adhere to the archaic idea that we need to populate at an ever increasing pace.  At one time, that thought could be listened to, now….we cannot feed the population we have.  Oh, that’s right, the church wants you to pro-create more church donors. 

I worry about our planet and the next generation of people.  In an effort to feed and clothe those we have already brought into the world, we work for companies who don’t care what they pollute or decimate or eliminate from the earth, they simply want more “profit”.  Some profit isn’t enough, more and more and more! 

I worry about our planet.  I worry that the interaction between people is becoming a lost art.  My goal each and every day, is to make someone smile.  I am concerned we have lost our humanity…and I don’t think it is simply due to computerization.  I think drugs and chemicals have played a far larger role in how we treat one another.  There have always been people who’s internal wiring has made them have to walk a more difficult path, but now with the drugs people purposefully ingest they are going on killing sprees for pleasure. 

These are just a few of the things I passionately worry about.  I actively am concerned. I actively am trying to change my life for the better.  I cannot preach, I can only set an example. 



  1. Definately passions we all should invest our time and efforts into. Very enlightening and causes one to think about evaluate their habits and lifestyles!

  2. You worry too much. STOP IT! It is what it is whether we like it or not, so you might as well keep bobbing along and go to sleep at night. Worry about what you can change and make the best of the little things. On a personal note, I believe one of the worst things to happen among our interactions with others is reality TV. We have taught a new generation that it is okay to publicly humiliate people. I hate reality TV, and what it teaches the young.

  3. It is wonderful to be passionate and you have some great causes to be passionate. Thank you for linking up!


  4. Wow!That's a lot to be worried about! Do keep in mind, however, that Mother Earth has been surviving for eons with or without our (human) help. She's a resilient Lady...and with the pro-active help of folks like you, she'll be okay. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Hi there! A wonderful post, certainly full of passion. That passion comes through clear as a bell! I have just seen in writing, while reading your post, a whole lot of the ideas I have that buzz around in my brain constantly. Well here they are, all set out for me. This is a wonderful map to guide our paths. Thanks so much for posting it!