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Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's Your Song Blog Hop #67

WritersPost        Blog Hop #67

What’s Your Song is hosted by Suzy Que

I cannot imagine a life without music and song!  Within the womb we hear the rhythms of life thrumming a beat for us to grow by.  That beat, heard first from our mother’s body, teaches our own body to keep tempo with the world around us.

Most people have signposts to guide them through life.  We all search for guidance to move us forward with our decisions.  It is said the scent of sugar cookies fills the air when angles are near, I smell gardenias.  Yes, I have smelled gardenias when there was no chance there was another flower I may have mistaken it for…always as I pondered the next step in my life. I once smelled gardenias while cooking spaghetti sauce!  Hopefully I have chosen correctly by determining the idea I struck upon while inhaling the intoxicating aroma of gardenias was the right path I should follow.    

Some people sing in the shower, other’s hum as they perform mundane tasks, it is their universe telling them where they are. Lately, I have been enjoying the good tunes of Flo Rida; “Good Feeling”.  To date, since first listening to this version of “Good Feeling” on Spotify two years ago, if I hear this song I know it will be a glorious day filled with gracious people.

Over the course of my life I have been fortunate to have many careers.  Most of my careers gave me some new insight, taught me the jargon of a different venue, educated me on the ways of the world, or were simply “jobs” to get me over a rough patch.  At the end of each of these relationships, I have finally realized my internal signs tell me that it is time to move on. The song my internal dialog sets up  has been the  same song for a very long time;  The Alman Brothers;  “Whipping Post”.  

We all have signs to help us on our journey through this dimension we call “Life”.  I hope your signs are robust as I think mine are…gifts of our six senses and utilizing all of them! 



  1. I'm sorry that's the song you relate too, but I feel that way sometimes too, especially being a teacher. When I was a kid and did something wrong, it was my fault. Now that I'm an adult, if a kid does something wrong, it's still my fault. What's wrong with that picture?

  2. Leigh, I'm visiting from the Blog Hop. Wow! Have never heard that song. I believe that many go through life feeling this way. It's very sad :(
    I love your story of the Gardenias! I think that is very unique in itself, and you must listen to your inner voice. Sometimes, that inner voice is guiding us where we would not otherwise be. God Bless You and thank you for sharing!

  3. Songs are also my internal guidance system. And I smell sandalwood! Thanks for linking up to my prompt.

  4. Some song really just speak to me. I do love the Flo Rida song... it is so catchy. I love how you smell the gardenias when the angels are near. Awesome. Thanks for sharing :) Jenn