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Saturday, March 23, 2013


The prompt for this week's writing exercise is Romance.  I have been asked to address Same Sex Marriage and the way it may affect a family.  I am not litigating the idea of same sex marriage, however having known people who did not get married (whether unable by law or by their choice) when the division became necessary, those who were afforded a divorce were far better off emotionally and generally speaking financially.  This is one take on the issue. 


Another long day at work.  Tired, she had dragged herself up the short flight of stairs to their home.  A second story loft overlooking the city skyline.  Facing east, the large windows embraced the morning light warming their souls for the day.  In the evening, the sunset glimmered off the iridescent buildings refracting back into their home again. It was a perfect location to raise a family. Close enough to the downtown area to enjoy the benefits of the arts and far enough away to be just blocks from an excellent elementary School.  The perfect location to start a family.

Laying in bed, she reflected on conversations from the day. 

“I heard Dan and Carl are getting a divorce.  After fifteen years!  That is a long time of history to just abandon.”  Jane hung her overcoat in the entry closet.  “I wonder why, all of the sudden?  Have you heard anything?”

“Only tid-bits, I’m glad they have the ability to get a divorce.  This way the kids will be somewhat financially protected by Child Support.  Carl is taking this very hard.  He has been the stay at home parent since they adopted those two beautiful kids.”  Stirring the pot she dipped her wooden spoon into the sauce and held it out for a taste.  “He is going to have a tough time finding a job to support the three of them.  He has been out of the workplace for a long time.  I am just amazed at Dan, taking up with someone from work and transferring to another state.  Transferring just to get away from his commitments?  Shame.  To top it all off, moving to a state that hasn’t had the sense to “legalize” same sex marriage. There is not a thing Carl can do to go after him, unless he moves back here”.  Rolling her eyes, Carol back to preparing dinner. 

“Isn’t that exactly why we support same sex marriage?  To foster the “Family”?  I mean, I don’t really care, any more than the next person, about that slip of paper telling me to love you.  I want marriage because I want a family, with children.  Family values are very important to me.  I know, I know, you want the marriage for the rock on your finger. Whatever.  Being married legitimizes our relationship.  It allows me to list you as my beneficiary, put you on my insurance through work, and in general seals our relationship.  Marriage means a lot to me, it’s serious.”  Jane’s face began to redden with her fervor.  “I want our children to grow up understanding that family always has your back. I want family values to mean something again.  Not those self-indulgent nit-wits in Washington telling me I’m an inferior person because I don’t live my life the way they think I should.”
“I know, don’t love someone of the same sex, don’t have sex unless you are married, but same sex lovers cannot marry.  Typical double talk.  Overly insecure people have to try to put someone else down in order to make themselves feel good.”

“Oh, I have a funny story for you!”  Carol waved her wooden spoon in the air.  “At the group meeting , Father Flanagan made an observation I thought you might like.  We were talking about the rhetoric surrounding same sex marriage.  Did you know that there are actually some people who think if a child is raised by two people of the same sex, the kid will grow up to be homosexual too.  Ridiculous, I know!  People.  If that were true, then there wouldn’t be anyone homosexual since we were all raised by heterosexuals!  Geez!  Speaking of, your Mother called.  She is coming over for coffee Saturday morning.  I reminded her that it’s her turn to buy doughnuts.  I was thinking I might invite Carl over too.  He probably could use the diversion right about now, and I’d like to see the kids.”

Thinking to herself, “I am the luckiest person in the world.  I live in a community that sees me as an important cog in the wheel of life.  My family is validated, my job is more than fulfilling and pays well enough to sustain my family, I have found the love of my life and we are all healthy.”  Aloud, she turned to Carol.  “In the peak of our romance, I will say to you that there will be no others before me.  In the tumultuous times ahead I will love and cherish you even more than I do today.  Remember this night when we have personal fights and when we must fight for the rights of others, in our home, in our sanctuary, you are all there is and our romance will never wane. Even if the bigots and fearful try to make us believe we are less than we are, we will gather our strength from each other.”   


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