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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bloghop #50 - ethos - pathos - logos

Since I am unemployed again, I am keen to note the three elements of persuasion; ethos, pathos and logos, while being interviewed.  I want to hear my interviewer  tell me why I want a job with their company.  I believe a good interview should be a two way path. Not just my boasting about the wonderful person I am and how much good I will bring with me.  All rainbows and sunshine.

I listen to the sound of my interviewers voice.  Is there passion?  Do they sincerely care about the topic at hand, or is this simply an exercise in finding a warm body to fill a mundane position and they know full well I will be gone within the month.  Does my interviewer like their job?  Does my interviewer enjoy working for their own boss?  Does my interviewer care about the corporation they are hiring for? I listen to the tone and pitch of their speech pattern for sincerity. The ethos my interviewer demonstrates tells me how fervently I should press for the position at hand.

Hearing not only the tone and pitch of my interviewers voice, but the words used to describe working within their specific organization.  Does their pathos demonstrate pride in a well run company?  Does my interviewer have a personal connection with the company other than a weekly paycheck? Does my interviewer have the company’s future in mind as they check my resume again for what I can bring to the table. If my interviewer can display a sense of humor, it might be a good place to work.

Lastly, I like to see the logos within the interviewers presentation.   I have been interviewed by adamant interviewers, their company was the only company I should ever consider working for.  Of course, they were scam artists willing to take advantage of me. Extreme passion by an interviewer, generally means you are just about to get burned, take two steps back and run!

Whenever you are seeking something from another person, you must watch for these three most important elements of persuasion.  They will assist you throughout your life as you judge the earnestness in those you might intermingle your life with. 


  1. This was a great blog...such an interesting point of view. Not being in the work force for quite some years, it was refreshing. I find when I am speaking with someone, as speaker and listener, I read a lot in their eyes. Are they really listening to you or just kinda.' When someone is really into what I'm saying, I know it, and shouts "value!" In other words, what I have to say is valuable to them and that is so important to me. And visa versa, I try to listen to others. I think I'm a pretty good listener. Nice blog!

  2. I know longer have to listen to all their BS now I have retired.

  3. I find it amazing that you would view an interview this way, also I find it very enlightened. I never considered reading my interviewer or even thinking that I needed to! I just worked hard to impress and get an offer. At that point, I guess, I looked more carefully into the company. You're very bright!
    Welcome back. ♥

  4. I Like how you turned the tables here--how you are looking for a company that will fit you and not the other way around!! I love it. Great way to tie it with ethos pathos logos!

    Thanks for hopping along :) Cheers! Jenn