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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

“Sandra’s Writers Workshop Hop” #2 Formal First Person

Sandra's Writers Workshop Hop
The “Formal” First Person Perspective

Walking around the neighborhood, as I do every morning, I drink in the meticulously tended gardens.  The purple and pink petunias are especially fragrant this year.  The day and tiger lilies are in full bloom.  I especially keep an eye on a neighbors hydrangea.  Her hydrangea produces prolific blue flowers.  I have two bushes and have yet to get a blossom much less flowers to cut.  I muse over what might be her secret.  I hypothecate that the secret is the plants location and amount of sunlight it receives. 

  Trudging along I drink in the aroma of the beech nut blossoms.  The street is lined with these wonderfully smelling trees.  Tapping my pocket, I am relieved.  The great gasping for air, yanking of the handkerchief, I begin the sneezing bout allergies demand.  


  1. This is lovely! And yes, a good example of the formal first person pt of view. I especially like how patiently it is written; with so many tangible details of all the different kinds of fauna, of flowers. That tangible of details is what gives this such great immediacy – the reader is fully in the moment.

  2. Love the details and the imagery--mmmm, what a beautiful walk! I didn't see that twist at the end coming, either; the bad part of being surrounded by all that beauty, sigh.