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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Everyday Gyaan - What Surprises You?

What Surprises You?

We, as a group, have been asked to report what surprises us.  Naturally, my first response was to look up the word to verify I had a correct interpretation of it.  Surprise is a word that can be either a verb or a noun.  My take on surprise is generally, a noun: a coming upon unexpectedly; detecting in the act; taking unawares.

My surprises are exterior surprises manifesting a shift of interior deliberation.

The beauty of life surprises me.  There have been times when a wave of unexpected clarity has hit me.  When and where this tidal wave may hit is a mystery. I am nearly driven to my knees and filled with bliss. I cannot drink in the spectrum of colors quickly nor deeply enough.  The greens seem a little greener as do the blues and reds and yellows all around me. My vision seems a little more keen. I have been fortunate enough to experience this on more than one occasion.  Although, I will always recall the first time.  It was at dawn as I was driving eastward towards work.  The colors were so magnificent and overwhelming, I had to pull off the road to drink them in.

I am surprised that the sound of a anyone humming or singing while shopping makes me stop and smile.  The sound of someone else recalling a happy moment and expressing it, lightens my spirit as well. The attitude in any aisle within hearing distance changes. I do try to remember this and hum while grocery shopping, not only to keep my heart lighter, but to help others as well.

Lastly but not nearly least, the sound of honest laughter.  I am surprised at the power of honest laughter.  Not the he-he-he nefarious, not the tittle of polite “you’ve told an insipid joke”, but the honest release of intelligence mixed with gaiety.  The power is profound and in my opinion,  more healing than prayer. Shoulders lift, heads tilt upward, deep healthy breathing has occurred, and one of your worries has dissipated.


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