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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sandra's Writing Workshop Hop - Precious Possession

Precious Possession

The Opal Ring

My Great Aunt Ionia was born on October 8th, 1911.  During World War II, her true love brought her home an opal ring.  It was a testament to his love of her.  Silver setting to highlight the blue of her eyes.  The five fiery opals are cradled a raised silver girdle.  The fire in the opals reminded him of her golden-red hair.  His love of her so great, he was able to purchase the ring abroad, sew it into his garments to travel home to is own Ione. 

Jaqueline Isles was born October 5, 1933.  Upon her sixteenth birthday, Aunt Jack was given this love ring to wear for her “coming out” ball.  Aunt Jack was the belle of the ball, bedazzling all who looked upon her. I have always agreed with her, "It's like wearing a tiara on your finger."

I was born October 13th, 1955.  Upon my sixteenth birthday, my Aunt Jack made the trip from Drayton Plains to Kalkaska to present me with the “love” opals.  Opals, being a softer stone, are to be worn only for elegance.  Often, I would take the opal ring from my jewelry box to clean and admire it’s workmanship.

My niece Jessica Lee (Harmon) Hudson, was born October 29th…(the year is to remain a secret for hers was the first not to be a double digit) Jessica wore the ring for many years.  Jessica states that with five small children, she doesn’t go anywhere elegant for now.  So, for now the ring is back in my jewelry box.

Braelynn was born October 5th, 2007.  The opal ring will bring out the green flecks in her eyes and the red highlights in her hair.  When she turns sixteen, Gramma will present her with a responsibility.  Wear the opals they will bring you the luck of the Irish and the fierce love of the Scots.
The small silver setting with five fiery opals usually sits in my jewelry box, awaiting the next fair maiden to don it. The funny thing is, the ring has never been sized.  We have all have had the same ring size. 


  1. What a great bit of heritage. How special to have that passed down from generation to generation. And you described it perfectly; didn't even need the photo to visualize it, which was part of what the prompt was about. Nicely done.

  2. It is said (Celtic folklore) that opals are only to be given from one who has true love in their hearts for the receiver. Mine were given to me by my grandmother, and my aunt. The ring is beautiful, the tradition behind it exquisite.

  3. As an Irish girl myself I was always drawn to Opals... now I know why! Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. Thank you all for encouraging me. I surely appreciate the feedback.

  5. Hi Leigh! I am a blue-eyed strawberry blond, so I would fit right in around your house! I like opals too - beautiful ring. I think you did a great job writing about it, describing it not only physically, but also in terms of what it means to you!