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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins

Another Boardroom Meeting

Seven Deadly Sins:   Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Lust

The conference room was set up.  The red table cloths draped over the folding tables, set up in a U shape, gave the appearance of one solid piece of material.  The shape not only allowed servers easier access, it eliminated a “head” of the table.  This boardroom meeting was going to be long and arduous.

The shape of the room was set up to sedate any over inflated egos; rounded windows overlooking the water.  The water specifically to help calm emotions while energizing rational thinking. The decorations were simple.  Elegant, refined, antiques, but simple none the less.  Just the way She liked it.

Chrystal water ewers and glasses at each setting.  A sumptuous food buffet off to the side, just inside the door, away from the water.  The wait staff positioned to cater to the attendees every need.  Little did they know, they too might be part of the buffet. It was now arrival time.

As they entered the room, each took time to observe the subtle changes since they were last summoned to gather.  She watched as each of them note their individual homage.  

They wore the typical business attire of the day; dark two or three piece suits, heels or spit shined leather shoes, ties or adornments of power red or inventive yellow.  Each carried a briefcase or leather attaché case. 
In her Mount Olympus attire, Hera determined the meeting could wait only a little longer.  The felt she must encourage banter and camaraderie among her chosen.  The seven chosen of Hera, Queen of the Gods.

Gluttony, as she filled yet another platter from the buffet, smiled as she acknowledged the gift.  Unending morsels to fill her platter made life so much easier.  Gluttony found her seat; a cushiony extra wide easy chair.  Overstuffed and yellow floral.  Gluttony enjoyed her gifts immediately. 

Envy walked around the room.  She was naturally dressed in a deep forest green pant suit.  Her stiletto heels clicked as she paced out to the windows drinking in the vista before her.  Running her hand along the statue of Pride, giving him a sidelong look of longing.  Envy, too found her seat.  Her seat spanned the U to be opposite Gluttony.  Better to look at Gluttony than envy one of the others.

Sloth had seated himself as soon as he entered the room, flopping down in the first chair he found.  His brown suit rumpled and wrinkled as though he had slept in it for weeks.  Signaling one of the wait staff, he ordered a cocktail and requested a plate be brought to him.  Dabbing his brown with his tie, Sloth requested the room temperature be lowered.

Pride strutted into the room.  He paused long enough for everyone to turn and look at him, then proceeded to preen near the windows overlooking the water.  Pride ran a approving eye over the statue of himself and smiled at Hera.

Greed, dressed in white pants and a white sport coat, moved through the room as though they had been there from the beginning.  Androgynous, Greed was strikingly ugly and wonderfully beautiful at the same time.  Repulsive and alluring, Greed was able to utilize every aspect to their full potential; whatever the client wants the client gets, as long as they pay dearly for it. Greed took their seat at the curve of the U.  Some might consider that the top of the table, or the bottom, it would depend on your perspective.

Wrath stomped angrily into the conference room.  She, too glowered around the room, only nodding toward Hera acknowledging  the red table cover.  Wrath pushed a server out of her way.  Wrath’s pear shaped body wore the deep red two piece dress like a second skin.  Wrath demanded attention simply through her movement.  She needed speak, she only looked at you with those penetrating eyes and her purposeful stride let you know she was not to be trifled with.  Sitting across from Sloth, Wrath snarled his way.  Sloth didn’t look up from his platter.

Lust, the last to take a seat.  He meandered inspecting the wait staff.  Lust was delighted with the delicacies set out before him; both male and female.  Lust would begin to reach out and touch one or another, only to have his attention diverted by another.  Only when the wait staff were sent from the room, did Lust sit down between Gluttony and Sloth. 

All seven together.  This hadn’t happened in decades.  All seven;  Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed and Lust.  Chatting amongst one another, eventually they all asked, “Where is Hades?”

Hera told the seven of her alliance with Hades.  She told them Hades would be joining them later for cocktails and social hour.  For now, the eight of them must come to an agreement as well.  They, the Seven Deadly Sins, must understand what was expected of them.  It did not matter they understand why.  For now, they would cater to Hera’s will and Hera’s will only. Raising her hand, palm outward, Hera told them to hold all questions until the end.  All would be revealed.



  1. I want more ... this is engrossing. Please continue

  2. Waiting for the revelation .. am greedy for more.

    1. Thank you! Thought I would see what my "comments" held if I should go forward. Thank you I shall!

  3. Yes, yes and should do more. Moving forward...
    la dee dum la dee dee.

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