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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bottom #2

GBE 2: Blog On
Part 2

The big “crash” came around 7:00pm EST on December 21st, .  Just as “they” had predicted.  At least “they” got the date correct.  The aftermath hasn’t been quite as predicted. Arriving on a Friday evening, here in America, most people were at home with their families.  

Solar flares on the heels of a solar plasma release, annihilated nearly all of the satellites orbiting the Earth.  This cut off much communication.  Isolating pockets of people.  In turn, each speculating that they were the only survivors.

The solar storms and flares hit the Earth.  While the destruction was unpredictable, the chaos that ensued was deplorable.  Another emergency with no Emergency Broadcast.  At least, no alerting notification for the minions.  I can only speculate who received an early notification and who didn’t.  As one of the minions, I am not privy to that knowledge.  However, a rather larger than normal coalition  emerged from the underground safe haven, located in the Mountains. 

These people, politicians mostly,  contend that by virtue of hiding underground, their double helix genome would be still intact.  At one point, they attempted an edict stating they would be the only ones to sire any children.  Let me tell you, that didn’t go over very well.  One of the many reasons for the riots. 

The gamma ray radiation that hit the Earth, took its toll.  There are many factions still trying to reason why some perished while others did not.  Other than hiding at the bottom of a mountain like a troll so as not to be hit with any of it.  Some died immediately, some perished plane later, some were altered, and some had no found side effects at all.  

Those that died immediately, were absolutely incinerated.  Gone.  JUST like in the books.  Their clothing and any jewelry left in a pile, untouched.  Eerie to run across, let me tell you. 

Those who perished later left in varying degrees of excruciating pain.  The radiation had obliterated many people’s organs or body parts.  The one’s who lost all of their brains died the most quickly.  Some lost differing parts of their brains.  It was sad to watch those whose Medulla Oblongata (located in the cerebrum) quit first.  If they were not found soon enough, or even some that had, simply died as though they had been smothered.  Not being able to breathe is a frightening thing, worse to watch someone go through it.

As you can well imagine, some lost differing parts of their brains, thus the zombies.  These zombies, unlike those we used to watch on television, couldn’t create new zombies with a bite…but they did bite!  Mean shits!  And, as on television, they cannot abide the daylight.  It doesn’t disintegrate them as though they were a vampire…yeah, some need the extra proteins only available through direct intake of fresh blood.  We have vampires.  Our transformed world reads more and more like a sci-fi story with each and every passing day.  The more I see and learn, the more I realize those with the ability to imagine had the better grasp of the day-to-day future than any of the zealots. 

It is said, that less than one quarter of the human population survived the first day.  Of those people who survived the first week, another 30% perished from after effects.  Most lives were lost based on the building materials they were near or surrounded by.  Radiation doesn’t travel well through some materials and very well through others. Steel, for instance, depending upon the thickness used for building shielded many people.  Unless they had a window office.  But for those who were interior of steel constructed building, they were mostly untouched. 

The governing powers are not all pleased with the surviving minions.  We are too spread out to be herded as the sheep of an overcrowded populous.  We are survivors with definite minds of our own.  The old ways have passed.  We live on, stronger through our very survival, kinder for our losses, and wiser for our experiences. Many people were lost to the gamma ray radiation, many people subsequently died from injuries, others yet perished from broken hearts. 

Well, I’m here to tell you.  Not all of us perished.  Some of us live on. 


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