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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Deja Vu -

Deja Vu        

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The aircraft hovered soundlessly over the farm.  Its lights glowing eerily through the full spectrum of the rainbow.  A sharp beam of light jutted out of the bottom of the craft, illuminating the pasture.  The ray of light swept back and forth startling the cattle.  The sheep had scattered long before the cattle had sense to try to hide. 

Standing outside of their house, eyes glued to the sky.  Worry and fear crept over the family like a mist growing with the cold front on a hot summer morn.  The suppressed memories just barely surfacing.  None could cry out.  None could move.  Frozen still as if staked to the ground.  Faces grimacing while turned to the sky.

Their faces told the story.  They had witnessed this sight before.  Deja Vu. Every fiber of their bodies screamed out for the entities within the aircraft to leave.  Leave. Never come back.  LEAVE US ALONE. 

The hover craft flew across the low lands, the sightseeing tour taking place after the vicious sun had finally gone down and cool darkness of night fallen across the plains.

Peering out the viewing windows, spectators of all ages oohed and aahed while pressing their faces to get a broader view. The herd of cattle lowed as they moved into the grove of trees for cover.  The smallest of the group slapped the viewing panels, “Come back.  We want to look at you.  Come back.” Fists balled up at their sides, stoic glares directed at elders who simply shrug and go back to their original preoccupation.

The ray of light slowly moved away from the cattle.  Dancing in ever tightening circles around the outbuildings, the ray of light began to inch closer and closer to the family.  The family who stood stock still with angst written across their bodies.  Suddenly, the son bolted.  Stumbling, he knocked into his father.  Chaos.  The family of four running hither and yon.  Running first into a small grove of apple trees.  Realizing that wasn’t “cover” they darted for the outbuildings.   Arms and elbows dashing for the huge barn doors, urging one another to move faster. Holding onto one another as they ran headlong away from the light and into temporary safety.

“Akzad, you let them get away!” The elder cried out.  “This will not bode well with the academy.  If this were the first time, we could understand your ineptitude. Expulsion may be in your future.  Move.  Allow someone else draw them up for our Biology class.  How can we dissect one of these animals if you cannot even capture it.”  Disgust  fluttered across it’s grey features.  “Tlqid take control of the harness ray.  Capture these animals so we can get back to our other lessons.”

The smaller of the two students, Tlqid, took over the controls.  Long slender gray hands grasped the control with the confidence of “teacher’s pet”.  Concentrating, he began circling the area attempting to locate the people hiding within the barns. 

Backing away from the light source.  Hiding among the hay bales, then at the underbelly of one of the milk cows, covering themselves by holding up a saddle.  The dance of hide and seek went on.  Eyes wide, scrambling to hide the children, the parents sought better and better hiding places.  The parents knew, they recalled, they knew they would not be overlooked.  They knew they would be found.  Hide the children.  Lift the floorboard.  Hide the children.  The old root cellar, perhaps the root cellar.  Shoving the two pre-teen children down the steps of the root cellar, the parents looked to one another.  They hugged one another and assured each other of their love and affection.  Knowing they were going to sacrifice themselves in an attempt to save their children.

Tlqid smiled to himself when he located the two humans with the light beam.  Inwardly congratulating himself for a job much better done than Akzad.  Sure to win the approval of the elders, he altered the beam from the search beam to the capture ray.  Swiftly, the capture ray paralyzed the couple and raised the couple to the air craft.  They floated directly up through the ray of light, as if hoisted on an elevator bed.  They were completely disarmed.

The elder nodded to Tlqid and Akzad.  The two small, big eyed gray beings stepped over to where the couple stood, immobilized.  With words of kindness, they assured the couple they would not be hurt.  To one another they snickered, “These animals.  Look how ugly they are!  Their heads are so small and their feet so big!  Why would they need such big feet to offset the weight of such a small head.  They are so ugly.  And bad breath!  They stink of feces.” 

“Because I was the one to finally recapture these two, I get to choose which I shall work on.” began Tlqid.  “I want the smaller one.  It’s eyes are huge and will be easier to work on.  You can have the larger one, it’s got tougher skin and will take you longer to probe.”

The rest of the classmates gathered around the table to watch the dissection and ask questions.  “Is it true the human animals won’t remember us when we put them back?” asked one, then another, “Is it true that they think we communicate telepathically because they cannot hear the pitch of our voices?” “Do these ignorant animals really think they are the most intelligent animal on the planet?” and finally, “Is it true they think they are anything other than one more animal on our zoo planet?”

“Enough,” cried the elder.  “I cannot answer all of your questions at the same time. We are here to show you some of the workings of each of the animals at this zoo.  One day, you will be the care takers and must know the workings of all of the animals.  It is critical, for our future food source, these animals remain healthy.  They have only so much intelligence and are rather high strung, so they cannot be allowed to remember our physicals.” 

“As you can see, here just at the base of the skull, is the locator implant.  This one is considered docile, see the amber light?”  The elder held a small machine, with flickering lights, to the back of the females head.   “Who can tell me what a blue light would indicate?”

Akzad held up his hand, those long spindly fingers.  “The human animal has been tagged since birth and has already had all of their probes and shots.  The human would be nearly ready for harvest.” 


  1. This is great! I love your writing

    1. Thank you Sondra, I'm not nearly as adept as funneling my own life into a prompt...easier for me to tell a story. thank you for taking the time.

  2. And she's off into the land of the mystical and magic and what ifs! And you do it so well.

  3. Brava. Enjoyed the view from both sides of the abduction. Very nicely done.

  4. Incredibly creative mom! You need to write a book! A book of short stories maybe!

  5. Wow, amazing.


  6. this story catch my attention an whole hour (i just not so great in English, so I spend lots of time translating some parts of a text)!! really delightful!! and makes me think about many things.....