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Thursday, September 13, 2012


GBE 2: Blog On
Week # 69   Impulse

Watching them, hidden behind the dumpster and a small clump of bushes, he grew more and more frustrated.  What was she doing with him?  They had conversation just the other day about that loser.  He wore too much product in his hair, his clothes were passé, his grades were mediocre and he didn’t even own a car just a small motorcycle. 

Jimmy squeezed his eyes shut tight.  His fists had already clenched and his teeth ground.  Slowly, opening his hands, he pulled his windbreaker up tighter around his neck and ears.  The wind and drizzle were also getting on his nerves.  Betrayal seemed the buzz word for the day.

Why hadn’t she gone home like her brother told her to.  Why was she standing so close to him.  They shared her umbrella, the one he had gone to the store with her and her mother to pick out.  The pink umbrella with the yellow flowers on it, to match her pink slicker. 

His first impulse was to jump out and scream at them.  Reining in the anger, Jimmy decided a revenge would be better.  This interloper, this blond haired goon who thought he would move into Jimmy’s neighborhood and take over the interest of her!  Not while he had breath in his chest.  He would do something, he had to do something.  This could not go on.

On his hands and knees, Jimmy began rummaging his hands along the ground.  Finally, he found what he was searching for.  A brad.  Three inches long and a quarter inch wide nail, with a fine point on the tip.

Slowly inching his way around the hardware store to the parking lot, he quickly located the offenders motorcycle.  A Susuki motorcycle.  A crotch rocket.  Head banger ride.  Blue.  It wasn’t until he got close enough to wreck havoc that he saw the model was a “Boulevard”. 

Well la-te-da.  Let’s just see what your Boulevard can do on a wet boulevard.  Jimmy smiled to himself as he crept closer to the bike.  Watching the beads of water slide off the black leather seat, he was so excited he nearly hugged himself.

Digging the brad across the chrome of the tail pipes and across the blue paint of the gas tank.  Wrapping his windbreaker around his fist, he smashed out the head light.  Laughing out loud now, Jimmy was dancing in the rain as the squad car pulled into the parking lot. 

Watching from security cameras, the hardware store employees had called the police.  The young couple came outside through the front doors, as the police were assisting Jimmy into the squad car.  He wrenched partially free to turn facing her.  “I always promised you I would look out for you until we could be married.  Remember?  Remember?  I have loved you always.”  And then he was pushed into the back seat.

The officer gave her a questioning look.  Looking at her feet, her brows furrowed.  “He is my neighbor. We used to play when we were little, like five.  I haven’t even talked to him in at least ten years.” 

The officer shook his head. “Sometimes, these things happen.” 



  1. Replies
    1. Gayle - owns Glenbrier Golf in Perry - she calls me, "What is wrong with your mind? We had the same teachers growing up...I'm not this twisted!" Gotta love her!

    2. That's one scary story - but you got into that twisted mind rather well ;).

  2. Corinne...I don't know if I "got into" the twisted mind....Thank you.