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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bugs and the End of the World....

The other evening, as the rain came down, the fireflies scurried under the protection of our large maple tree. With the light flickering it almost appeared to be a Christmas Tree. It made me wonder…don’t they short out? Who lights them?

This morning, in the glow of the street lights, I stumbled into the kitchen without turning on an interior light, to make coffee. Apparently, a crumb had fallen onto the kitchen floor. The mass of sugar ants sticking to the bottom of my feet, made that perfectly clear. After searching for my glasses, I bent close to find out exactly what they were after. One small quarter of an inch crumb of doughnut, the scary part was that next to it was a splash of coffee! Heaven help us if the ants take a liking not only to sugar but to caffeine! It made me wonder…do they have my house “bugged” to detect when a crumb is dropped? Terrorists or government?

A friend of mine dropped off some freshly picked from her garden vegetables. Luscious tomatoes and firm crisp beans. Both green and yellow beans! After cleaning them, I set the least ripe tomatoes in the kitchen window. Extremely shortly thereafter I had a fruit fly. It has been terrorizing me at my computer. I took the garbage out. I bleached the counters and floors in the kitchen. I even scrubbed and bleached the sink. Normally, I can pick a fly out of the air left handed….not this little devil! It zigs and zags at just the right second so that I snatch up only air. It made me wonder….where are the fruit flies when you don’t have fruits and vegetables out? Are they in collusion with the ants? Is my house under scrutiny by some satellite dish utilized by the insect world?

Is this what the Inca’s were thinking? The end of the world as WE know it? I had been under the impression that the “web” Nostradamus spoke of was the internet….I think it has to do with spiders….I think they are after me…..and I think they plan to RETAKE the world!

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  1. LOL...I think they have GOT you! One word~RAID.