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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thoughts on Trust

GBE 2: Blog On
WEEK #13 (8-14-11 to 8-20-11):   TRUST

Let’s face it.  We all trust, it actually comes rather easily.  Trust is a basic instinct relying on other members of the tribe to do their part for the continuance of us all. Trust creates the community. To my mind, there are two basic types of trust; outward and inward.


 As a child, we trust our parents will care for us.  As a parent we trust our children to the school system to become educated.  As a grandparent trusting we have instilled the proper tribal lore for our children to raise the next generation.

Consciously trusting other to do our bidding, assist us, or totally take over whatever task we have in mine. The act of consciously trusting of others; I trust you to get it done, I trust you to be honest, I trust you to whatever.  Giving over responsibility. 

We are trusting of other’s whether it is conscious or subconscious; I trust the brakes won’t fail, I trust the dishwasher won’t overflow; I trust the furnace will turn on automatically during the winter.  These are outward reliance’s.  Relying on other people or things to do what they intend.  We trust our friends to be forthright and open with us, or we trust those same people to conceal hurtful things from us.


The most difficult trust is trusting in ourselves.  Self reliance.  The ability to continue onward without assistance.  Believing in oneself.  This particular trust ebbs and flows.  To trust oneself, one must also care about themselves.  This is a vacillating conundrum.   I trust myself to be good to myself.  I trust myself to take care of myself.  I trust myself to be trustworthy.  Then that niggling voice of negativity weighs in and for a while I no longer trust myself and cede over responsibility to others.  Inward trust is an ongoing battle. I strive to be the best I can be at all times and under any circumstance. 

I trust I will be gracious even in the face of offensiveness.  I trust I will be conscious of other people’s feelings before I open my mouth. I trust I will not thrust my vision on those who would rather not participate.  I trust I will be forthright with those I care most deeply about.  I trust myself to show good judgment above all else.   I trust I will try to use my ears twice as much as my mouth.

Trust is a base instinct.  Trust is the woven pattern that creates a community.  


  1. Great job! You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself--I'm so glad that you've joined the group because your posts are a genuine pleasure to read. :O)

  2. Nice post and great last sentence!

  3. As always, I loved reading your thoughts. I can't find one thing to argue about. I must be tired! LOL
    Great write.

  4. "Trust is the woven pattern that creates a community."

    I never thought of it that way. As you pointed out trust is necessary for just about everything.

    "To trust oneself, one must also care about themselves."

    I'm totally with you. To love is to trust. You have to love yourself in order to trust yourself, I think.

    Anyhow, great write!

  5. I trust too easily, so I have been burned a lot. As for trusting myself...I do completely, except when I'm trusting someone else. LOL Great blog!

  6. This is spot on! I love how you differentiated between inward and outward trust. I'm too trusting but I'd rather be this way.

  7. Great post!! It was brilliant!


  8. Inward trust--is very established--outward trust--it does take me a moment to get there--but I almost always do. Great post on this subject!


  9. Very nice! You have great confidence in yourself, which probably creates really strong trust! Bravo!