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Saturday, August 13, 2011


 Grandma’s Goulash
Week #2 Picture and a Word :  Oblivious


When I joined the Special Service Squad, I never imagined I would be in this position! Small town America, dressed like this, walking in a parade. 

My first assignment for protecting the Governor, and I’m dressed with hoop skirts, of all things.  Check the check the crowd”.  My gaze zigzags.

This clown pestering me is gonna get him knocked off that little motorbike”, thinking.  I may do something he is going to regret  Smile, don’t blow your cover. 

Perhaps if I appear oblivious to his presence…I unclench my fist. He’s not “one of us”, therefore he must either be a dimwitted local or up to no good.  I decide to let him stay on his bike, for now.  That makeup, I can’t actually see his face.

Walking in the parade just ahead of the Governor.  Smile, don’t blow the cover

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