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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pebbles in the Sand

The Writers Post #9 Picture and a word

Pebbles in the Sand

They began their nascent rise as every other day, those discarded emotions laying like pebbles on the beach, arose to taunt him. Some small and smooth, others large and rough. The “pebbles” were there for the taking. Anyone could pick up that small package of discarded “stone” which holds the baggage another finally lay down.

The colors hold the secret to the burdens held within each “pebble”. Finally laid down by one tortured soul, to be found and treasured by another. Carrying the baggage held within, the stones can and do grow as the sentiment held within is nurtured. Or diminishing to merely a grain of sand with release and acceptance.

As the Keeper/Protector, he walks along the beach on patrol. Contemplating the significance of each pebble. Has humanity finally grown enough to abandon the isle to the cosmos? The piles of woe didn’t seem to be getting larger. Will he be able to move on? The eons he has protected the island from humanities prying eyes and deep curiosity has taken its toll on him. He contemplates the significance of each pebble again.

Red holding unknown fear and feelings of incompetence, the last holder gaining confidence and self reliance. Gold relating to sexuality whether lost, embraced, or simply acknowledged. Blue tones denoting the inability to express ideas and feeling, finally tossed aside to be able to speak their minds and join in the conversations. White…ah white, those emotions towards one’s deity abandoned. Not many white pebbles, for this pure unselfish emotion is the connection to other humanities. It is the cosmic link to the unconscious subconscious. Not many toss this one away and it is the strongest draw to the youth who study the stones on the beach. Black, those dark external, vengeful emotions. It’s good to see so many of those strewn on the beach. Hate, jealousy, revenge, lust….all gathered into a stone…luckily for the previous owner, discarded.

The Gods, in their wisdom, crafted the island to capture these overcome emotional stumbling blocks. Far from the populace, these redeemed emotions would stifle the once bearer no more. He was the protector, charged with ensuring no prying eyes actually saw the resting place of discarded personal baggage. He continues his patrol awaiting his own release.


  1. Ooh, now that was excellent! I love the idea of him, like a mythic god, or perhaps, more like a pawn of the gods, stuck there and waiting for rescue, but he doesn't seem unhappy, not to me anyway. Fabulous piece, thoroughly enjoyed it :o)

  2. This was most wonderful write...having the stones/pebbles -represent the emotions-each one--keeping him sort of captive until he lets them go--discarded there with the rest of them...its beyond words!

    So glad you hopped in :) Jenn

  3. What can I say? It's beautiful. I imagined myself holding those colored pebbles myself, throwing some and keeping a few in my palm.

  4. Wow, this was really beautiful! Great job. :)