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Friday, September 23, 2011

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

BFF 125:  Do You Want to Know a Secret?


Aren’t secrets wonderful?!  I love them!  Secrets are empowering.  Secrets are titillating.  Secrets are emotionally binding.  Secrets are the most fun when you share them!

Bob’s sister, Linda, passed away a few years ago.  It was incredibly stressful on her kids.  Her two daughters, Christy (on the left) and Julie (on the right) floundered for a while afterwards.  Bob and I tried to fill the void of their loss, but living on the other side of the state really put some obstacles in our path. Bob and I tried valiantly to make certain they both felt adored.  EVERY time we hugged either of them, we whispered in their ear, “You will always be my favorite”.  Naturally, as the favorite, they in turn kept the secret not to make the other feel badly.

Christie and Julie
In a concerted effort to keep everyone as “together” as we could, we made Blue Lake Wine Tour a fall event.  We rake leaves and clean up the outside of the house in general.  We put away the lawn furniture and take care of the fishing poles.  Then we clean up and head to Traverse City!  Woot-woot.  Look out vineyards, here we come!  We wine taste our way up the Traverse Peninsula. Shop in the eclectic downtown Traverse City shops.  Eat dinner at a local restaurant. Then head our way to Side Traxx.  Side Traxx is a local Traverse City pub owned by our good friend Ron Harrington.  It’s been one of the best kept secrets of Traverse City. 

Bob, Julie, Sue, Leigh and Christie
At one point, this quaint pup was dubbed “the gay bar” and had a few slanderous phrases written across the front of the bar.  Little did those “haters” realize, that was some of the best advertising Side Traxx had ever gotten!  Splattered across the news for weeks, the bar was highlighted every evening. That was a couple of years ago.  Yes, Ron still embraces GLBT and anyone else who would like to stop in for a good time!  Music, laughter, dancing, libation, comradery, and of course center stage. as any good ring master is, Ron Harrington.  Big as life.  

Sue (twin) Ron and Julie
Last year, there were so many people visiting the pub, we decided to list the different celebratory venues each group came from.  There was the” bridal shower” (included over 20 young ladies), the “I just got employed” party,  the I’m just here to play pool (yeah right, whatever excuse you need to ogle the patrons is fine), the I just lost my job party, the just want to dance and hang out party, the homeless guy that Ron feeds and supplies with coffee on the weekends, and of course (nope, we were not the loudest of all this time) US.  Best kept secret is now out….have fun!  This was one secret worthy of sharing with others.

Julie, Cain and Christie
Back to Julie and Christie and our secret.  Last year, there were so many people visiting the pub.  Last year, we got a little huggy with one another.  Last year I whispered and Julies said she couldn’t hear me, so I raised my voice….last year Christie heard me tell Julie THE SECRET!!  The LOOK!  Omg!!  Aghast!  Eyes flew open wide! 

They are my favorites.  They have such wonderfully developed funny bones!  Now, there is competition…”No, I’m the favorite, tell her Antleigh and Uncle Bob, tell her I’m the favorite”.  They jostle for position.  I love it.  I love them.  They are my favorite. 

Now, my grandchildren….it’s already begun…”You will always be my favorite”…



  1. I love your secrets! It will work forever, even if the secret is out. I have always been Momma's favorite. he he he