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Friday, September 23, 2011

What Do You Love

BFF 126:  What Do You Love

I am taken to the song by Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World”.  I can’t help but be filled with love for thousands and thousands of things… and people… and ideas,  at any given time.  I love loving! To be filled with awe and wonder….how very uplifting.  To be eye-swollen giddy with life!  Those are the days when everything seems surreal.  Colors are more vibrant, trees nearly jumping as if viewed with 3-D glasses on.  Happy sounds are louder filling both my head and my heart.  The birds and the bees seem to dance to unheard music.  I love loving!

I think attitude is as noticeable as sound.  I think others, any life form whether human, animal or insect, can “see” you with your attitude more readily than if you were to speak.  I think those with the “ability to feel” or the “nose” can sense what type of attitude you have just as if they were smelling either a stinky toot, or a bouquet of flowers.

I have seen television footage of dogs locating cancer cells within humans as well as in overturned vials.  Yes, I think just as we “smell” the  pheromones of the person we are attracted to. 

As a kid, to go via land to visit our friends, we had to walk past George King’s house.  George had two big dogs.  A giant black lab, aptly named Blackie.  And a mix breed that had long ratty black and brown hair.  Ratty haired dog’s name was Boots.  Both dogs were territorial.  Both dogs would lunge at you as you walked past their house, then bark within millimeters of the back of your legs until you were past them. The feel of their breath as they barked at the back of your heels was terrifying!  If you ran, you got bit.  How do I know you would get bit?  Well, Wendell Gabler ran, the seat of his britches had patches the next day.

 I did discover, if I sang or whistled out loud or in my head, the dogs lost interest far more quickly.  They even began not to bark, just run out and wag their tail.  I wasn’t thinking frightened thoughts, therefore they were more at ease with me and I with them.  Catch 22. 

I love watching the hummingbirds waltz around the Rose of Sharon in our back yard.  I love the sound of joy when my daughter’s beau calls her in the evening.  I love chatting my granddaughter and grandson on the telephone.  I love reading about the exploits of my friends and family.  I love life!  I love loving!


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  1. Well Said and I totally agree. :) And I love you.