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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smoking...or Rather Nonsmoking

I am into my third day of nonsmoking.  I don’t miss the taste of the cigarette or the smell.  I have always been one of those odd ducks who would really rather smell a cigar or a pipe.  I miss the “commitment”.  

The time I would spend smoking a cigarette in the morning, was the time I would sit out on the porch and listen to either the birds, the neighborhood kids, or the radio.  The time I spent smoking a cigarette in the evening was time I would sit out on the porch and listen to either the tree frogs, the neighborhood kids, or the radio.  Other than social smoking, I really never smoked much during the day.

Today marks my third day of being just a little edgy, not in the good way. The first day I brooded.  I was so very melancholy I wanted to slap myself!  I whined and cried and blamed the Gods for all my ills. I cried when the cats bothered me.  They were crying not because of me, heaven’s no not those self-centered the world spins around me divas.  They were crying because I hadn’t tended to their wants, yet.  I had actually had the gall to change a routine!  I didn’t wait on the porch (normally smoking) to let them go outside for a while. They come first and foremost…don’t they??!! Who would have ever thought I would want a cup of coffee at the computer instead of waiting for them?  Just when they thought they had me trained….  

Yesterday I had no patience and was tired. My sister’s grandchildren called me.  They seem to have a knack of knowing when Antleigh needs a little pick-me-up. Usually, when I get a call from them, I hang up the phone and grin like a lizard for hours.  There are five kids…typically they pass the phone nicely and you get to speak with all of them.  I didn’t want to snap at them, so I said goodbye and hung up.  I slept a lot yesterday.  I slept about fifteen hours total, if you add up all the nap times.  

Today, I am filled with pep and vigor.  Ok, not as much pep as when I was a teenager, and the vigor is a little lacking too…but, I do feel pretty good.  The cats didn’t complain too much about the altered morning routine. It’s a little cooler today, so my morning walk is a bit brisk.  The sun is trying to shine (I’m with ya on that one buddy!).  The first day of the rest of my life and all that blah, blah, blah stuff. 

One thing I have noticed.  “They” were right.  I actually can smell better.  That’s good AND bad.  I had a pretty good blood hound nose to start with.  Now????  That litter box is beginning to make me resentful towards those two cats.  It’s all I can smell.  I lit candles, I sprayed Fabreeze, I have room deodorizers, I can’t seem to get rid of the smell…too many parts per million!  Yes, I cleaned it too...The old fat one played with his toys this morning (both old, just one is fat and the other skinny…Jack Sprat and all that)…good thing,..euthanasia….ok, not until they are decrepit…..good thing he got that toy out…slippers...

 My sister, Holly, and my daughter, Chris, told me I should make certain everyone knows the withdrawal I am experiencing so they know I’m not as down as the last post portrayed.  I’m just tryin’ ta kick the habit, man!  Thankfully, cigarettes are all I have to quit at this time.  Eating…..well, let’s just say we aren’t going to worry about that until February.  Look out Halloween candy!! Omar the tent maker…we have an appointment for new clothes next March!


  1. I got nothin' for this one! I am the world's biggest failure at the 'Quit' thing. You are, however, living with Mr. maybe that will help.
    Good luck, Leigh and let the mood swings take you away! It's perfectly okay to be a bit melencholy when you send and old destructive friend out the door! :)

  2. You can still do those things....sit on the porch stuff....but I do understand that doing it isn't the *same* anymore once the vice is taken away. I don't know why that is, except it shows how ridiculously complex our brains and egos are.

    I have yet to quit smoking too, but at the moment I'm viewing it as the lesser of evils. Me smoking is better than me doing illegal drugs.

  3. I can't tell you the number of times I tried to quit and failed, but I can tell you that I smoked my last cigarette January 2009.

    When the cardio surgeon told me that my husband could NEVER smoke again, something screamed in my brain that I WILL NOT BE HIS STUMBLING BLOCK! For me, it took a HUGE incentive - that being the life of my hubby. We just had our wedding anniversary yesterday. We ALMOST didn't have the last 3 anniversaries together. Yes...he was classified as a "sudden death" candidate.

    Today, we are both healthier and looking forward to many more years together. For that reason...I will never smoke again.

    I hope your incentive is as HUGE as mine was. And, as for weight...I only gained about 20 pounds and it is coming off now. I wish you the very best success and hope you are able to encourage someone in the future as I hope I have encouraged you. It CAN be done and you will be so much happier and healthier for the effort it takes to become free of tobacco. BEST WISHES!!!

  4. I'm at a loss--I don't know what it is like--I was never a smoker. Well at one time I used to smoke know after last call for alcohol...totally a social thing. I didn't ever like when I got a new set of friends to hang out with that didn't smoke after the bars closed--well I didn't smoke. There was no I can't help.

    I hope you stick it out. I hope you can quit for good. I'll cheer from the sidelines :) Cheers, Jenn.

  5. Good luck with quitting. I've tried many times but failed (sigh ....)