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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Others

Writers Post - Blog Hop  #12
Picture and a word :  Salient

Looking skyward she thought “Holy crap! I’ve grown up with Star Trek, The War of the Worlds, and Avitar.  I never thought I would live to see this!”

Filling the horizon, as far as the eye could see were the massive space ships.  Monstrous the salient forms loomed ominously in the sky.  Flickering lights could be seen radiating from the ships, but electrical power on Earth had been knocked out.  The shapes in the sky blotted up the stars.  Eyeing them, she felt a pickling of premonition running up her spine.  It would not bode well for the current care takers of Earth.  They had not fulfilled their obligation as directed in the Writing.

For eons, humankind had taken for granted the Earth was theirs.  Theirs to do with whatever they pleased. They were the care takers of the galaxy and this planet specifically. Care takers to did not seem to care.  Care takers who abused and discarded.  Care takers who had forgotten the pact with The Others.

Before the electrical power was turned off, The Others had contacted the heads of state of all nations unbeknownst to the general populous.  The Others had carefully taken the time to review each countries policy regarding the ecological status of the planet.  The Others were not happy with human kind.   There had been a telecast, on every station, advising humanity of the situation at hand.  It was not going to bode well for humankind.  As care takers, we sorta stink.  As care takers, we are more takers than care givers. 

She walked past the retail section of the small town.  The Others had just begun to show their presence throughout the skies.  The veil of secrecy lifted, they showed themselves and their might.  She walked past darkened store front windows.  Looting  had naturally begun immediately after the telecast.  The looters were long gone with their worthless haul.  Who needed television, toasters and computers when there was no power?  Broken glass still littered the side walk. Alarms had been turned off so the town was displaying an appearance of “sleepy village”. 

She thought about what she knew of The Others.  They seemed to come in every size, shape and color.  The colors were what truly made them stand out from humans.  The reds, oranges, blues and purples were eye catching to say the least.  She had been told they were a tribunal from other inhabited planets strewn across the galaxies.  “So”, she thought, “those UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens were right all along.  Maybe I should have paid more attention to the History Channel when they were on”.

She walked on through the dark night.  Headed to the meeting place where the latest information would be reviewed.  She hoped there would be news of a good negotiation.  She hoped humanity didn’t have to cull its herd as it had other species.  She hoped they would be able to remain on this planet Earth, alive.  At least she hoped.


  1. I hope so, too. Dang girl, your mind is somewhat haunted, I am thinking. Good story!

  2. Wonderful, but do I see our government? Yes, I think I do. You do wonders with the pen...maybe a calling?

  3. Hey, someone else who saw a sci-fi story when they saw the picture! Cool :o) Good read, which probably begs expanding to fill in detail, although I like being able to put my own '...and they all lived happily ever after....or not.' on the end :o) Looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. Great sci-fi. Well done.


  5. `Great take on this week's topic. The picture must have brought out the sci-fi in the writers. Great job--thanks for hopping with us :) Cheers, Jenn

    P.S.--A Sequel?