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Friday, September 23, 2011

I Believe In Cupcakes

I believe in the healing power of cupcakes. Cupcakes are part of a group of foods called “comfort food”. It is impossible to be angry while you are eating cupcakes. Perhaps if everyone would take the few moments to fully enjoy a cupcake, the world would be a calmer, more peaceful place to live.
Everyone smiles when looking through a batch of cupcakes, carefully selecting just the right one. Expertly eyeing the tone and texture of each hand-frosted delight. Most of us prefer the cupcakes with frosting slathered high on the top and along the sides. Selecting just the right cupcake is just the beginning of a mood altering, blood pressure-reducing, and giddy feeling.
Anyone who has ever peeled the carefully selected paper exterior, revealing the moist heavy cake like interior, that is thinly veiled by the warmly browned skin, and heaped with wonderfully rich frosting, knows exactly the comfortable feeling that envelopes you from head to toe. Eating a cupcake is a “homey” feeling: relaxed, nestled, calmed.
By the very nature of the cupcake, it is hand held for the application of the frosting. This personal touch, filled with love and kindness, is automatically transferred to the eager participant. Whether you are a nibbler, a picker, or a gobbler, the covert infusion of good-will is ingested.
That first bite, as you hold the mixture of moist cake with rich frosting on your tongue, rolling it ever so slightly, melts the aching stiffness from your neck. The second bite, depositing a dollop of frosting onto the end of your nose, begins to ease that sore spot between the shoulders. With each and every bite of a cupcake, tension sloughs away. The last bite is always the smallest bite. Should there be a surprise in the middle; perhaps some sweet cream cheese, chocolate chips, or even caramel shavings, the overwhelming feeling of winning the lottery gushes through your veins. With that last little nibble, the crumbs on the inside of the paper are inhaled and every pleat in the paper lining is licked clean.
I believe that cupcakes are a relaxing, joyful food that should be eaten with abandon. Partake of that good-will, love and kindness, and then pass that attitude along. Perhaps if we each ate more cupcakes, the world would be a more peaceful, less tense world.



  1. Oh, I so agree with you! In fact, I think I'll bake up a batch for the grands this weekend. :O)

  2. Good job! Now I NEED a cupcake. *sigh* My butt doesn't need cupcakes and I have never eaten A cupcake, ever in my life. They come in multiples for me. Damn! Gonna be baking in the morning.