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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween - Safe Haven #2

WEEK #22 (10-16-11 to 10-22-11): SAFE HAVEN

GBE 2:  Blog On

It always amazes me, I know I am hunkered over a bit.  I know I am watching every which way I can to the point that my head nearly swivels 360 degrees!  Yet no one even notices me.  It’s as though I am invisible, or not there at all. Then I remember the wards I have.  You know, the “there isn’t anything going on here, just move on down the road” spells any level headed person puts on their home.  Actually, I have the wards on several safe havens, this one is just more protected because I actually sleep here.

Peeking around the corner of my building, praying the spider thing is either up on the roof or inside the building.  Just let me get in there!  I know I have spells already made up that would blow that thing back to where ever it came from!  Of course, it may take a large portion of the building with it.  That isn’t something the authorities like very much.  Sister Scarlett hates having to account for the things I blow up.  I really like fireworks and the Fourth of July!

The way appears clear.  I dash to the front of the building, throw open the door and that’s when I stopped dead in my tracks.  Oh, the cobwebs.  EVERYWHERE!!  People hanging upside down in those awful spun sacks.  Thank you, ya eight legged gooney, for making the lobby your personal pantry.  I’ve got to start cutting these people down.  Hopefully, I’ve gotten there soon enough that the things venom hasn’t killed them, simply paralyzed them. 

The first one I cut down is a neighbor I recognize.  A sweet little old lady with her yapping toy poodle still tightly tucked under her arm.  I hesitate, looking at that yapper, thinking maybe I should just let ol’ Spidey have it.  Nah, sweet little old lady would just get another one, I pull the two of them out of the “netting” and into the manager’s office.  Obviously, Spidey has the manager also, otherwise she would be squawking about trespassing into her office.  Might have keep her in the web until last…

Checking the vitals on sweet little old lady, I take note that she is paralyzed and not dead.  That’s a very good thing.  Based on the discoloration of her webbing and how dried it had become, I guessed she was one of the first victims.  So, the others should be in better shape than she is.  She is, after all, old lady and therefore subject to a little slower recovery time.  I gingerly sidle past the hanging “delicacies”.  Then, there with his purple cape, is my brother.  Logan.  Logan hanging upside down,  cape draped across most of his face.  One unblinking brown eye staring at me like a Cyclops.  If I walk on by, pretending, I will never hear the end of it.  Taking the time to cut him down could be all the time I need to get my ammo and really take care of business.  I cut him down just the same.  Mom drilled it into all of us “take care of your brothers and sisters”.  Her voice resonates through my brain.  Brothers!

As I drag Logan to the manager’s office, Spidey crawls in with its latest prey.  The man is still kicking and screaming.  Spidey is really fast with that web throwing.  Gotta remember that, this guy isn’t even paralyzed yet and he is trussed up like a Christmas turkey.  That’s when I see it.  That’s when my skin crawls in waves of creepiness.  The egg sack on HER back.  Ah rats.  “Mamma” anything fights harder and longer.  Oh man, it hadn’t crossed my mind that Spidey might be setting up a nursery.  That sack is wriggly.  Eww, those babies are stretching their legs in that egg sack.   I hate spiders.  I really hate big spiders.  I really, really hate big alien spiders!

Ok, so I can’t just “take her out”.  That brood has to be dealt with also. I  can’t leave a couple hundred gi-normous spiders growing up here on Earth.  That just won’t do.  There are enough indigenous dangers out there.  We really don’t need another predator that would just as soon eat us as look at us.  Look at us with those eight creepy eyes!

Logan is groggily coming to.  He looks at me and says, “Hi ya sis, sorry I had to lure this one here.  But I didn’t know where else to take her”.  Brothers!  Of all the places he could have lured a huge spider, he had to pick my apartment?  Boy did I want to shake the pa-geebers out of him! Brothers! Family or no family….this was over the line!  Now I’m getting more angry than grossed out.  I guess that’s a good thing when impending battle looms ahead!

Logan’s voice has Spidey looking around.  The hair on the back of my neck starts to stand up. I can feel that I am being looked at.  I don’t like being looked at as though I would make a good snack.  Ok, time to get to work and return these people back to their daily lives, if I can. 

That spider reached out for me with one of those eight hairy legs.  Or is the front couple called arms?  Either way, I squealed like it stuck me, even though she hadn’t even come close enough to touch me.  Without thinking, I grabbed one of the wards in my pocketbook.  I hurled it with all my might and nearly shouted the incantation…..the ward flew straight away towards the spider thing.  It was aimed right at her head, between the eyes.  When suddenly it blew up in a puff of smoke.  So, apparently this alien spider thing has shields. 

Running dialogue “what eats spiders, what do spiders NOT like, what eats spiders?”  When suddenly it hits me, spiders don’t like eucalyptus!  The manager’s office has a huge bouquet of eucalyptus!  I can get that to divert Spidey’s attention for a minute.  Maybe, just maybe I can get to my apartment…that’s asking an awful lot out of a floral arrangement!  Gathering up the fronds, I notice the manager has a closet where the smell of eucalyptus is permeating from….there must be more!  I snatched all of it to ring the hanging delicacies until I could take care of them.

Just then Julian burst through the door.  He is a rather stylish dresser for a warlock.  I like his black vest and dress slacks.  He never looks cartoonish like Bella Lagosa from the old black and white picture days.  Today though he was yelling at me. Even still, he was a site for sore eyes. 

Julian was screaming, “Eva, what have you done?!  We aren’t sure what this thing is and you’ve thrown a love potion at it!  What if it decides you are one of its babies and shoves you into the sack on its back, only to be gobbled up by your newfound siblings?  Or what if it decides you are its long lost mate, ya know the female EATS her mate!  Eva, what have you done!”  I guess I hadn’t been thinking, just reacting when I threw that potion.  This isn’t gonna be good.  I hate spiders.  I really hate big spiders.  I really, really hate big alien spiders!  

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  1. Nice chapter 2. I can not wait for chapter 3.