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Sunday, October 30, 2011


GBE #24  10-30-11 to 11-5-11

That fleeting feeling of acceptance.  Acceptance by everyone?  Or acceptance by those you want to be accepted by.  Ah yes, popularity. 

The ability to be listened to or heeded by everyone you want to listen to you or heed your word.  Along with that popularity and those you WANT to listen to you or heed your word, comes those you don’t want paying attention to you.  The neer do wells.  The outcasts who would prey upon you if given a chance. 

Popularity is all about self confidence.  It’s more about the ability to listen to the positive rhetoric you lay on yourself and the ability to ignore the negative.  Because the idea of popular is inside yourself.  If you get it that there will always be others who are prettier, richer, smarter, faster, slower, less intelligent, in more need of help…then and only then can you have the self confidence to call yourself popular. 

Acceptance by those you want to be accepted by….yourself.  


  1. Nice take...but seriously? I have always been popular with me, well a lot of the time, or at least every once in a while, okay, ONE time I was so popular with me! The rest of you guys, well, as long as I'm not on the "most wanted to leave our group" list, I'm okay with that! :)

    Good job, as always!

  2. LOL @ Jo! She cracks me up!

    I can't quite agree with your theory. I, for instance, have self confidence to the overflow point, yet never called myself popular. By the same token, I accept myself completely and could care less if not accepted by other people. But, that is just me...LOL

    In spite of my comfortable opinion of myself (which probably completely develops at age 60), you have written a great blog!