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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween - Thrills and Chills - #6

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Thrills and Chills- Halloween Style!!

We sit at a huge table.  Every “entity” is represented.  The hall and the table are the longest I have ever seen.  And gorgeous.  Well made.  Who would have thought the nasties had good taste in furnishings?  Sure makes my little apartment seem like a hovel.  The furniture is made from a wood like substance I have never seen.  Perhaps from some tree that is now extinct?  Something from a far distant past?  Or maybe from another dimension.  Doesn’t matter, I’ll never be able to afford it, whatever it is.

My siblings and I are seated relatively close to the head of the table.  I didn’t realize we ranked so highly.  Then I notice Roderick ogling Scarlet again.  I guess “we” don’t rank that high, but Scarlet does. 

The Zombie cops have been sent around to harvest any weaponry they can.  The Zombie waitresses came around to take orders for food and drink.  The clamor of the crowd almost makes me miss the buzz accompanied by the blue flicker.  Blue Bella has shown herself to me.  She was apparently uninvited and has now crashed the party.  Good for her!  Show that spunk!  Just keep that gas at bay or you will reveal yourself to anyone or anything with a nose!  She isn’t flitting over to me, and it almost seems as though she came through the tapestry.  Blue Bella really isn’t good at Charades.  I haven’t got a clue what she is trying to tell me with all that hand movement.  Trying to follow her, in her agitated state, is like trying to watch a humming bird.  My eyes just can’t take it all in.

With the flourish of trumpets and the rapping of a gavel, order is called to the meeting.  At the very head of the table is the most ghastly site my eyes have ever taken in.  This Thing stands at least ten feet tall.  It’s massive.  It’s face is in the middle of its torso.  It’s all splotchy with moldy looking colors; greens, browns and blacks.  It has oozy puss covered lumps.  It has five eyes.  It has a valley where a normal neck would be to hold up a head that isn’t there.  It has eight legs.  It is really creeping me out!  And then it speaks.  I was expecting the deep rumble of nastiness.  I was expecting it to hurt my ears.  I was expecting my stomach to turn over and expel anything that was still in it.  And then it speaks.  This little tiny soft voice.  It was almost as high pitched as a Fairie voice.  That voice did grate on my nerves, like a whiney cat, but it certainly didn’t instill the fear it’s body did.  No wonder it was a nasty.  Probably was teased as a teenager.  Poor kid never stood a chance.  It was all I could do to hold in my snickers.  I could see, looking around the table, that other’s felt the same way.  Hands or appendages of sorts were held up to hide the smirks.

Anger only made its voice come out even higher.  The gavel was rapped more times attempting to gain control again.  It did seem to still many of the giggles.  The Zombie cops who had been placed around the perimeter of the hall stepped forward, that stifled the rest.  With all attention focused on “It” at the head of the table, more demons oozed from the tapestry.  The hall was full now.  Crowed actually.  And far too warm for this time of the year. 

We are supposed to have frost and chills in October.  Not this heat wave.  I was beginning to sweat.  Ok, I had been sweating before, now it was a real stink fest in there.  I wasn’t the only one to heat up.  Logan was moping his brow with a shirt sleeve.  I’m not certain which was worse; the stink from the sweat or the stink from the demons.  They carry that fire and brimstone smell with them wherever they go. Eau de Hades.  Probably won’t sell much at the local fragrance department.  Glad they don’t squirt that at you when you walk by.  My love life is slow enough now, I’d never get a date!

The thing at the head of the table began its dialog. “Brothers and Sisters of the night.  We gather again as we go out into the night to rid ourselves of Humans once and for all”.  A loud cheer went up.  Much clapping and foot stomping.  Wide eyed, trying to take it all in, I looked around the room.  Upturned faces filled with adoration filled the hall.  Even Scarlet.  I felt disgusted!  I wanted to slap her.  She was holding hands with Roderick and gawking at this thing at the head of the table.  I glanced at my brothers.  Oh brother!  They too had that stupid look of adoration…stooped look!  Am I the only one who hasn’t fallen under this thing’s spell?  Egad, we are in trouble!

The thing at the head of the table started again, “As promised, we are all gathered here tonight, All Hallows Eve.  As promised, we have been undetected by Human Kind.  As promised, we shall each take over the respective continents once we show Human Kind the type of Thrills and Chills only we can deliver Halloween Style!”.  Goose bumps ran over my skin, I shivered despite the heat.  The clapping and foot stomping began again.

As the din quieted down, it went on unveiling their despicable plot to take over Earth.  They felt they were regaining Earth for themselves to not only wipe out Human Kind, but redeem themselves within their respective factions.  They didn’t appear to be the best and brightest from each faction.  But, then when history is finally written, isn’t might always right?  Whenever dumb and strong takes the day, they are immortalized to the minions.  Not for the sake of the unknowing vast majority, but for the vainglorious ego of the newly empowered victor.  

Just as the evening began to reach its peak.  The energy was certainly on the rise, it nearly had my hair standing on end.  Looking around, everyone else’s hair was also on end.  Naturally, Scarlet had her hair done up in a French Twist so the electricity in the air didn’t muss her up at all.  The crowd was going crazy, stomping in unison.  Banging beverage containers on the table. Slopping all those drinks everywhere.  What a mess. 

I smelled the Fairie Fart.  I couldn’t see her.  I smelled the Fairie Fart…whew!  Strong!  As heads began to swivel looking for the source, I decided to drop one of my “hidden” wards.  Just thought I would mix it up a bit.  Zombies can’t smell…so the just stood by the walls.  The Werewolves, on the other hand, had a keen bead on where the smell was coming from.  I tossed my explosive ward toward the Werewolves.  It went off with a massive bang!  Smoke and sparks just like the Fourth of July! Lovely.  Also, the smell of the explosive covered some of the smell of Blue Bella.

Chairs scraped backwards.  Overlooked weaponry came out; swords, knives, daggers, guns, and bazookas. Brass knuckles were quickly donned, the kind with spikes coming out of the knuckles.  It wasn’t going to be pretty, one blue Fairie and lean witch getting the snot knocked out of them.  Should be over and done with quickly.  Looking at the Thing at the head of the table, it appeared it thought so too.

As Blue Bella and I stood, an onrush out of the tapestry appeared.  There were twice as many of every faction coming into the room.  I don’t believe the room was meant to hold that many.  However, just as when I was roaming the halls, it began to grow large enough to accommodate the growing number.  The warriors coming through the tapestry had weapons at ready and were battling as they entered the room.  They literally spilled into the room, full of fight.  Arms and legs were hacked.  Heads were severed from bodies.  Eyes gouged out.  The battle ensued from all directions as there were tapestries on every wall.  The tapestry spewed warriors of all sorts.  There were warriors from every faction initially represented, fighting one another.

I looked around for my family.  They were gone.  Gone!  All four had jumped up to create their square.  I have to remind them all the time, we are best when we are FIVE!  Hello….Spirit, Earth, Water, Air and Fire!  I step to my space…we five.  We are some bad-assed siblings when we get together!

Roderick steps up behind Scarlet.  He is making some sort of spell sign behind her.  I am tempted to club him a good one.  Scarlet looks at me – you know the one, head tilted, eye brow raised, glaring….I decide to let him continue.  I’m not afraid of the evil eye, I wear a charm against it.  But…attitude…that’s something else altogether. 

Never, in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined what came next.  Never.  Satan himself stepped through the tapestry.  Satan…whew….I’m scared.  We don’t conjure up this sort of crap.  We don’t dabble in black magic.  What is going on here??!!  What have the siblings gotten me into?  This cannot wait until we get back to the Coven House.

I whirl to Scarlet, breaking the star we have created.  I am enraged, hands at the ready with another spell.  The booming voice behind me is all I can hear.  It permeates my being.  It resonates through my very bones.  I cannot hear it as much as I can feel what it is saying.  It is Satan.  It is the dark overlord.  It is Satan!  And, Satan is telling those who can hear him to lay down their weapons.  He is telling the factions the day is done.  He is telling the warriors to let live those who are alive.  Satan is telling everyone to heed him.  I have a tough time with authority, so I’ve gotta tell you it was with reluctance that I listened to him. 

Satan was halting the fight.  Satan was calling everyone back through the tapestry with him.  This had all the appearances of a thing gone even more bad.  The warriors who were living picked up the dead and hauled them through the tapestry slung over their shoulders.  Everyone appeared to be returning from whence they came.  Everyone that is except my family.  Everyone, my family and Roderick.  Who is this clown anyway?  I give him the snot-eye.  He smirks and nods his head at me.

We six, with the addition of Roderick, weave our way back to Scarlet’s office furniture.  I am not looking forward to the flight home!  I have so many questions, I’m not sure where to start.  I still have one hand hovering over the rest of my spells.  We aren’t exactly on his turf anymore, but I’m not sure who’s we are on for the ride home.  With the flare of a magician, Roderick moves his arms, snaps his fingers and we are back in the Coven House.  I look at him with surprise.

“No swirly this time?”, Miah beats me to the punch.  Miah looks worse for wear.  That jaunt into aliensville then into the haunted mansion has taken quite a toll on little brother.  He is testy when he’s tired.  By the black bags under his eyes, he could sleep for a week and then need a nap.

At the Coven House, we updated the files, downloaded Intel, and in general tried to make sense of what transpired.  Roderick and Blue Belle were there for a while to fill in some of the gaps.  It seems there were parties of every faction in the universe who wanted to take control of their own kind.  They wanted to usurp the power already in place and take over.  On top of that they each wanted more territory.  So, get rid of Humans and expand the third dimension.  Open more portals for easier movement between dimensions.  Kill off their own powers, and entrap any others who would thing of resistance, here on Earth within the third dimension.  It seems Blue Belle and Roderick had been working with one another for quite some time regarding the disgruntled.  Roderick also worked with Scarlet.  The ginormous spider?  Well that little diversion allowed the worm hole pocket to be put into place without notice.  Oh yeah...that makes sense.  If we had noticed the pocket, we would have noticed the gathering, we would have put a stop to their shenanigans, as my Grand Mother puts it.  

So, they did have history, just not the kind I initially thought.  Roderick works directly and undercover for Satan.  Everyone needs their spies.  Roderick informed Satan of the overall plan, became a “supporter” of the Thing.  When decisions were made as to who would be involved, Roderick enlisted Scarlet to ensure the faction of witches would be made up of only white witches.  Blue Bella was sent to me to make sure I would keep myself apart and protected from the Things enchantment spell.  Our five some wasn’t to conjure Satan, Scarlet was ensuring our furniture stayed where it was supposed to so we could get home.  She didn’t want us following Satan into Hades….it’s a hard way outta there!  If we hadn’t put a “stay in place” spell on the furniture we would have been walking the line… Satan’s appearance was coincidental.  Whew!  Good, no Black Magic! 

Scarlet, Blue Bella and Roderick are the real heroes of the day.  However, the rest of us don’t let it all go to their heads.  If it wasn’t for us, playing the rest of the role, they couldn’t have pulled it all together and the battle may have been waged much longer.  For me, I’m just glad that one is done, for I know there are other nasties out there just waiting.  October comes endowed with Halloween once every year. 

Did I ever tell you about my Aunt?  Two daughters born to my Grand Mother.  They are the opposite ends of the magnet.  Positive and negative.  Light and Dark.  Not that the dark represents evil...rather just an apposing energy....two poles on the magnet....


  1. I am not a Halloween fan, but this was a really good story! I'm also not a spider fan, so you pulled me in with that giant monster from the beginning!
    Happy Halloween to you and yours!!!

  2. This was fantastic! I loved it!!! I loved how I felt I was right there in that room smelling the fairy farts!! Oh and I loved the ending too!! This was so much fun to read!! Cheers, Jenn.

  3. WOW! When I saw how long your story is, I almost put it off until as I am trying to get caught up. I'm glad I read it. It pulled me in and kept me intrigued right to the very end. And YES, I would love to hear about your mother and aunt, Light and Dark. It promises to be fascinating! Great story!