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Friday, October 7, 2011


TGI Fridays 10-7-2011
One Day At A Time

“ONE DAY AT A TIME”  it is the battle cry.  “ONE DAY AT A TIME”…anyone who has fought any type of vice has uttered those words.  Three words of encouragement.  Three words of self hypnosis!

I watch my diet – food intake – I love to eat – reduce the intake – one day at a time
I recover from a serious illness – I watch my symptoms – I adhere to the prescribed medicine – one day at a time
I quit using my drug of choice – I watch the shaking of my hands – I keep myself overly busy – one day at a time
I strive for political correctness – I watch my words – I don’t allow words to hurt my feelings – one day at a time

One day at a time infers that the abstinence of whatever your strife is only short term.  This small phrase allows our ego to think whatever it is we are striving for is a short term goal and that whatever we have given up to attain our goal can come back into our lives….soon.   And, hopefully, soon never comes.  But when stopping a vice….”soon”  is an important factor.  Forever is a very long time….
I strive to be a better person, writer, mother, wife, grandmother, friend, sibling, daughter, human being….One Day At A Time. 



  1. Very true! Short term goals seem much more attainable.


  2. I love what you did with this topic, Leigh. I've heard that if a person can change their behavior for 40 days that new habits are formed to displace the old. I'd like to think that was true, but I remember fasting from red meat and sweets for Lent one year. OMG! I did it, but on day 41, I went HOG WILD! I used that word HOG for a reason. LOL

    Awesome post!

  3. I love this page! So much easier to read, good job!
    I also love, love, love this piece. One day at a time is all we have, isn't it? I think you do a great job of being a good friend one day at a time!
    Excellent post.

  4. Thank you everyone for such positive feed back. I surely do appreciate it!