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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day Dreaming Blog Hop #75

Blog Hop # 75 Day Dreaming

Lying upon the blanket, we gazed to the sky.  Arms up, fingers pointing, giggling we named clouds as they wafted by.   “Look it’s a bunny, no now it’s a dragon, no now it’s a snake!”  she squealed as the upper turbulence blew the cloud around. 

We laughed at the puppy chasing the paper bag as it blew just out of reach.  The little old lady at the other end of the leash was tugged this way and then that, as the wind blew the bag. 

We giggled at the young couple learning to roller blade with their children.  Arms out for balance, more wobbly than a toddler learning to walk.  In the grass for safety more than on the pavement. 

Locating a sweets vendor we gobbled down cotton candy, candied almonds and elephant ears.  We played cards and listened to music on the radio.  Singing off key, we laughed at one another.

We planned her future; which college she would attend to become the neurosurgeon, how many colors she should dye her hair, what type of dress she would wear to prom, which sorority she should consider joining and of course whether or not to worry about making the college swim team. 

I hugged her often that day.  I knew I had to let her have some space though, they were short hugs.  They were strong, wrap my angel wings around you and hold on forever, hugs.  They were I want to hold this day in my mind and heart forever, hugs. 

That old blanket, folded in the closet now.  That battery operated radio on a shelf in the garage.  We had that day at the park.  Filled with love and laughter.  She will always be in my heart and on my mind.  I daydream often that she beat the cancer. 



  1. Sandy would have loved this one.

  2. I dream the same dream with you. I am all teared up after reading this post. It reminded me my kid sister who was my little angle.

  3. I have two very close girlfriends who both lost children to cancer and I cried for them and everyone else who has lost loved ones after reading your post. Very heart rending but beautiful too.