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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Officially

I have joined the group  "Blogging from A to Z.  This is a  a month long challenge to write a short story everyday and each day corresponding to the letter of the alphabet.  I have linked up the site - simply click on the name so that you might read any sort of short story from the huge line-up available.  The stories are supposed to be short so that many can be read, quickly.  Simply a titillation of talent.  Happy reading, and thank you for joining me.  My sister-in-law is writing under "Vicki's Place" currently her placement is #1259.  If you are catching this on my Facebook or as an e-mail follower my number is currently #1324.  (people drop out and the numbers contract) 

O is for Officially

Officially, they were aliens.  Officially, nothing was done.  Officially, we all knew the truth.  We could feel the truth.  They didn't come from distant galaxy.  They didn't come here, they were already here. 

As Walt Kelly portrayed in Pogo, “We have seen the enemy and it is us.”

I tend to look up rather than just out, as we drove to the next house on the showing docket.  I like to bird watch and on this day, just as many others, something in the sky caught my eye.

Two of them.  They were shiny and yet matte.  Silver and black.  It was not a silhouette I was seeing.  It was an aircraft.  One I hadn’t seen flying overhead before.  With me pointing up into the sky, he pulled off the road so we could both get a better look without endangering everyone on the road.

The other people seemed oblivious.  That evening, there was no mention of the aircraft on the news.  So, we assumed it was nothing.  Perhaps a new purchase by the military.  Nothing to concern ourselves with.  Tomorrow is Halloween! We get to delight in the little hob-goblins!

The littlest spooks and ghouls start ringing our doorbell closer to 4:00 pm.  I like that our neighborhood does that.  The youngest ones are out and home before the bigger more rambunctious kids get started.  It also stretches out the children knocking on our door.

Then it happened.  I can still hear her mother’s screams.  Suddenly, there was an aircraft above the street.  It had whisked the toddler out of her mother’s arms.  In her mother’s arms was the red cape her Super girl had been wearing.  Nearly simultaneously, screaming was heard throughout the neighborhood.  Children snatched right in front of their parents, out of strong embraces, and upwards into the unknown aircraft. 

Months later, I heard scientists had determined there had been a slip in time and dimension.  Those barbarians were our future selves.  How they made that determination, I don’t know.  Some sort of time continuum.  Time; the past, present and future, all occurring simultaneously sometimes wavers and two dimensions overlap.  Our future selves felt some twisted need to reach back in time taking with them some of our most valuable assets, children. 

Officially, we were told it was aliens.  Officially, nothing could be done.



  1. Wow! I always wanted to see a UFO, but after this, I'm not quite sure anymore. Well-written. Brava.