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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pause Writers Post: Blog Hop #77

The Writers Post:  Blog Hop # 77

This weeks prompt is brought to you from Michelle Liew

Rewind, Pause or Forward....if you could change anything in your life, which button would you press?

My past has shaped my present.  My past is behind me, already lived through and hopefully filled with memories to keep me thoughtful.  My past was a gas!  I have been honored to meet so many diverse personalities.  Those very personalities make me as thoughtful of others or self centered, kind or unkind, using or simply manipulative.  Shaping my present, the past was as event filled as I had time and energy to fill it. 

My future will also be shaped by my past, however I am obligated to put aside old prejudices in an effort to have the best most rewarding future I can possibly attain.  It is filled with the purple mist of magical imagination.  I aspire to fill my future with glad tidings and shout a joyful noise.

My present.  I would pause my present.  I would push that pause button to be able to examine all aspects of today.  Every word anyone spoke to me.  Every emotion behind the words.  I would hug each and every one of my friends and relatives, even if they didn't want it. Every glance, smile, frown, grimace that fills today!  I would pause it all to enjoy at length. 


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  1. Interesting prompt. The past certainly does affect the future. I'm not sure if I'd go backwards or forwards, but I certainly wouldn't pause.