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Monday, April 29, 2013

How to …. (explain a process)

Week #102        GBE 2: Blog On    Elizabeth Grace!

How to ….  (explain a process)

While working in Human Resources at UPS, one of my tasks was to teach new supervisors the difference between a Job Description and Work Instructions.  The Job Description tells you who does a specific job.  The Work instructions tell you how to accomplish the task.  As an example, after dropping a cardigan sweater onto the floor, one of the new supervisors had to talk me through putting the sweater back on.  Needless to say, I didn’t divert an inch from the vague initial instructions given, and often wore my sweater either on the top of my head or as pants!

Explaining a task teaches several lessons.  Are you a detail person?  Do you expect others to “read” into your explanation?  How do you react when your instructions aren’t followed as you anticipated?   Do you expect others to have the background knowledge that you have in order to understand your instructions? Teaching others, teaches us about ourselves.

Back to the sweater laying on the floor.  Proper instructions to a reasonable adult are as follows;

Look at the sweater to ascertain where the collar is located.  With your right hand, reach out and grasp the sweater by the collar section.  Pick the sweater up to determine which way it may need to be turned to don.  With the sweater in your right hand, if the label is facing you slowly raise your left hand and glide it into the arm hole on the right hand side of the garment tag. Pushing your hand all the way through the sleeve until your hand is visible past the cuff.  Slide your right hand approximately four inches to the right of your current hand hold so that the sweater drapes around your back and across your shoulders.  Hunch your right shoulder to accommodate comfort.  Double your right hand up, raise your fist to shoulder height and slowly move your hand into the sleeve, pushing past the cuff.  Your cardigan sweater should either button or zip in the front.

I hope you have a warm and comfortable spring!



  1. Is that how you were taught? :)

  2. You are so prolific! Good story, GREAT picture:)

  3. And when you finish, your man will look as hot as the model.

  4. Not such a simple task when you think of it. : - ) In one of my college classes, I had to write a task analysis for inserting a piece of paper into an old-fashioned typewriter. I've never in my life before of since had such a difficult writing job.

  5. OK, today is June 7th! Waiting for a new story ... tap, tap, tap (that's my foot).