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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bob and the Hot Tub

Bob, my husband, and I took a road trip to northern Michigan, visiting my brother at the family cabin. The cabin is on a smallish no-wake lake which is really owned by a pair of loons who allow us to visit them. (real loons not just crazy people, although my family does fit that category) My brother, Scott, had been adding a gi-normous new deck onto the cabin for us older folks and we were there to help him finish the railing. At one point there were just stairs to the door, then as my parents aged we added an 8 x 10 deck. Scott took a look at the family and decided we needed a huge deck to handle all the old fogies. The new deck is just under 1400 square feet! Yep, it’s bigger than the cabin. It’ll hold all of us “loons”.
Scott brought up a very nice two man hot tub, which is a wonderful addition to the deck setting. He set it near the end of the deck so the view is a spectacular site of the water and sky with the hills surrounding the lake. But, it’s not very private on that big deck!
My husband, Bob, and I envisioned sitting in the tub with our glasses filled with wine as we wound down from a day filled with trips up and down the hill to the water’s edge. We dreamed of leaning back to view the stars as we gloried in the call of the loons.
Bob got the hot tub up to temperature and all bubbly. We struggled into our bathing suits since the neighbors also have a wonderful view of the deck and tub. We aren’t the exhibitionist types. Modesty is at the heart of both our souls. Maybe if there were some sort of privacy….
As I carried out the bottle of wine and glasses, Bob stepped into the tub first. Suddenly there was such a commotion at the hot tub. Bob is not a small man by any stretch of the imagination. To see him floundering and splashing and gulping the water from the tub I was panic stricken! There seemed to be nearly as much water on the deck around the tub as there was in it. Was he drowning in that tub? What in the world had my husband bucking?!! Apparently it was modesty…. Just as he was maneuvering onto the seat, the jets kicked in full force, blowing his trunks down to his ankles! Needless to say, wet bathing suit and small space gifted me with MUCH laughter!

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  1. Too funny! I can just see my hubby flailing around in that little tub - so I can imagine how hilarious it must have been. Sort of like me the day one of the cats fell into the bathtub with me...