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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Views of an Optimist

It doesn't matter what we think of the Casey Anthony case, you and I weren't a part of that particular legal case to actually have our say or our views considered. What I have wondered for the past few years, is why this particular case has captured the attention of a nation. Initially, we didn't know anything about the mother, the grandparents, the brother or even the little girl. Who and why was this particular case brought to our attention? A bored reporter? The collusion of a reporter and the political climbing DA who thought this would sling-shot their political career upward? How for three years has this case been more important than other cases closer to home? How, on earth, will this young woman move on? Obviously she does not have the support of her family or past friends, her face has been in every home in the US for years. She has slim chance of supporting herself in the near future. As a tax payer, I don't want her to need to rely on Food Stamps or any other aide. I don't know that she should be held to pay for the prosecution's zealous investigation, which proved fruitless and vain. I want her to whither into obscurity. For THAT is what this type of personality cannot stand. Anonymity is the bane of the glory hound. Allowing her to live like the rest of us nobody slobs, might just break her. Good luck with resolving this verdict unto yourself.

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