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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some kids learn fast

I think I have been off work for far too long. The other day Momma and Papa robin were trying to teach their baby to forage for himself. Chipping and chirping and flitting around, they desperately tried to get him to find his own bugs. A male cardinal was nearby on the fence. After much begging to its own parents, the baby robin hopped over and begged from the male cardinal. The cardinal just cocked his head and flew away. Mind you I am sitting on a sofa in the screened in porch watching all of this. That baby robin turned around and hopped right up to the door, begging. Seems I’ve been home long enough to become “part of the family”. Momma and Papa just watched. I didn’t open the door. That’s just what the cats need….someone else to hover over Bob as he opens up the potato chip bag.

1 comment:

  1. I think--when one has time--watching birds is quite facinating! And glad you didn't open that door for that cat :) Cheers, Jenn