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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Simba and Bud

We have two old male cats. Simba is 18 and Bud is 17. Who knew they would live so long? This is a first for me. Usually, about a month after paying for spaying they became road pizza. Not these two. I do let them outside, however, they prefer not to go potty out there. That would be for heathens and dogs, if you don’t mind. So they don’t travel far from the house, just in case…It’s not uncommon for them to want outside, hear a neighbor’s sprinkler running and need to come back in, for just a minute, water running and all... The local wildlife jeers at the two of them. I have seen a chipmunk launch himself at our sliding glass door, because Bud was laying on the other side watching him. All the birds have to do is land on the fence (yep, that’s mostly what I had to power wash off…bird poop) and they are pawing at the doors to be let in. If the squirrels get on the fence…it’s a dash for who can cower under the patio furniture the fastest. And kids….OMG!! I have found Bud wrapped around the rafters hiding from an infant. Needless to say, I don’t think that in any stretch of the imagination, in any type of previous life, these two were definitely NOT “kings of the jungle”. I’ve seen them trip on dust bunnies. Fall off the couch while dreaming. They both snore louder than my husband. And they absolutely hate a mess. If there is anything out of order, they will sit and stare at it until I make it right. The day the hot water tank leaked was an absolute catastrophe! Nope, haven’t had to worry about their hunting exploits making it into the house…If it doesn’t come out of the kitchen, who in their right mind would EAT it??

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