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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stuck in the Trunk

I used to be a photographer for a virtual tour company. I really enjoyed my job and it was reflected in the quality of the photos taken. I was often complimented for my work as well as my customer relations. I felt it was part of my job to tell the building owner some of the virtuous qualities of their real estate agent.
I was approached by the owners of the company to take photos of the company picnic. At this picnic I was going to meet most of my clients and have an opportunity to showcase my work and perhaps attract more clients.
As it was an uncomfortably hot sunny day, I donned a summer shift for the outing. Loading up my gear I stowed it in the trunk of my car and off to the park I went. The park was north and west of my home about twenty miles. Of course, since I had not looked up directions simply asked for verbal, I got lost. Thankfully, there was an auto show in town so the local radio station had “oldies” on. Chuck Berry’s “Riding Along in My Automobile” was playing, naturally I turned the volume up.
Arriving approximately a half an hour late, I was in a bit of a hurry. I eventually found a parking spot, in the glaring sun. Rounding my car, I retrieved my camera and extra lens for group pictures versus individuals. As I slammed the trunk closed, I realized I had dropped my keys into the now closed trunk.
Luckily, my back seats fold down to allow access from the back seat to the trunk. you remember the type, one side folded with a large opening and the other with a small one. Knowing this would only take a moment, I opened the small opening. With my summer dress on, I folded down one of the seats and squirmed all the way to the back of the trunk. Aha! Keys in hand, now I needed to sidle out of the trunk with my dress hem and dignity somewhat intact. Sliding backwards from the trunk space with only one of the seats pulled down proved to be a feat I hadn’t planned on! Legs flailing around. Holding the hem of my dress, I only skinned my belly a few times. Naturally, I had gathered quite a crowd to witness my on goings. I’m certain I left quite an impression!
The party was a success, the pictures all taken I returned home to upload all the photos onto the company bulletin board. While relating my day to my husband, he quietly asked with a smug look on his face, “Why didn’t you just push the trunk open button on your dash?”
I laugh when ever I hear “Riding Along in My Automobile”. His being stuck in the seat belt and me in the trunk!


  1. LOL...Love this story. I am thinking you have a smart-ass living with you, but we both know that is the case, right? I could totally see all of this happening and even that I would have done something similar.

  2. Ya gotta love her. True story. And no she does not have a smart-ass living with her. Well, maybe she does.

  3. Awesome post--this totally sounds like the predicament that I would find myself in...I'm glad you got out okay!! Cheers, Jenn

  4. Hilarious! Sounds exactly like something I'd do. Great post.

  5. Laughter is like a vacation - thanks for the trip:)