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Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to Put up a Hammock

Yesterday, I decided to get out an old hammock I had in the shed. I thought maybe my neighbor would want it on his deck. Bob whines about it when Chris has tried to use it in the past. We haven't gotten it out of the shed in probably five years.

It's one of those "self supporting" hammocks. With a green metal frame to hold it up.

Chris and I wrestled with the box. It's rather old...been in the rafter of the shed for years...wasn't in the best shape when we put it up there.

We drug the box out to the middle of the back yard so we would have space to lay everything out and try to remember just how it goes can just imagine the two of us looking at all these pipes and the many wrong ways we tried to put them together...

While we were creating these "monsters", Murphy, the neighbor’s dog, began sniffing around the box. The next thing we heard was this whooshing noise. He had stuck his head in the box, and was running around the back yard. Literally running. He slammed into the fence, the deck, the bushes. The box is/was about four 4'x5"x14".

The "mouse nest" in the middle of the box was driving him crazy!! He decided to try the end that just had a small his head caught...then REALLY RAN around the back yard. We laughed so hard, and it lasted long enough, walkers were stopping and gapping over our fence. All you could see was "Sean the Sheep" body sticking out of this oversized box, crashing around the yard.

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