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Saturday, July 9, 2011

People Watching at the Mall

I guess I have lived "in the city" long enough....It made me smirk to see an adult male walk into the mall with snowmobile boots and a really big "Michelin Man" coat. I mean, it's in the twenties today...there are young people walking around with flip-flops on. The boots made me take a second look.

Ok, now this I haven't seen in a while either....cromer (naturally it was tilted jauntily on his head), unlaced work boots, heavy snowmobile gloves...NO COAT...short sleeved t-shirt (yep, the t-shirt had stripes)(Several teenagers walked by and informed me that polka dots are OUT). I just think someone is a slave to whatever they think might be fashion....(no, I do not have on polka dots was an educational introduction)

Saw the skinniest woman I have ever seen, not on television. Kinda grossed me out. Didn't realize bones could just walk around by themselves....I didn't think they made jeans that thin with legs that long....I would think most of her clothes have come from the childrens section...are kids that tall now???

An "older" father...looked a bit out of his element walking with two teenage girls...their mouths were just running...cell phones in hand...totally oblivious to their surroundings...he had the pinched look of someone who wished they were anywhere else but with these two flapping jaws in tennis shoes who view him as a wallet hanging from the money tree...

Three or four women walked by the Chico said to the others..."I used to have curtains made out of that same pattern, I'll be damned if I will pay more for a jacket then I did for my whole living room"...made me laugh...I thought the pattern was butt ugly as a jacket..can't even imagine it as room decoration!!

This has been quite a "charater" study Saturday at the mall!!

Picture this...sixty to seventy year old man...obviously dies his hair...roots are about an inch and a half long...and really dirty looking (I'm not the fashion queen but I don't think the dirty look on him was done with hair gel) wearing leather pants...not just any leather pants...obviously well used leather pants...the knees were so bagged out they almost looked like sweat pants. Does that make them old pleather? Anyhow, he was just strutting!! All that and a bag of chips on the side. So, Dad, is this the look we can expect to come north from Florida????

Black lady, shoulder length hair...has it gelled up so that it sticks straight out from her ears. Looks like she's wearing a plate!! Talk about a "big" do!! I thought those hairstyles only happened on "The Jetsons"!!

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