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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Views of an Optimist

Hello out there, this is my first attempt at blogging...I am rather excited!  A new venue, where no one will really look, to jot down my every pea-pickin' thought!  Yahoo!
A quick update on me...I am 55 - unemployed , although I do volunteer is with the marketing department of a local Health Center and will not lead to employment - two grandchildren - have worked mainly in management since I was a teenager therefore I can't get hired for entry level jobs (yeah, my age has nothing to do with it) and I do not have a bachelor's degree to back up my extensive work experience.  Ah well, the next ten years are going to be part of my weight loss program...
Where have I worked....I live in Michigan and graduated from High School in 1973....I have worked in or with nearly every industry.  From tending bar to Center Manager at UPS to owning my own business for ten years.

Recently, I got my hair cut.  I took a photo to the salon of the exact hair style I anticipated leaving with.  I left with a blonde football helmet! I have what some might consider a pin-head - little football helmet isn't very flattering, to say the least.  Fortunately, my hair grows relatively quickly....I looked up that cute Meg Ryan on line to get a bead on her hair styles.  I really like that messy look she wore in "Proof of Life".  I asked my knowledgeable niece how to make my hair sort of fluffy/wavy as Meg wore it.  I was told, just gel - twist - and pin up into the old bobbie pin curls.  I did just that; gobbed the gel into my hair, twisted and twisted and pinned to my head each gobby strand I could.  After hours of waiting with anticipation, I began pulling the bobbie pins from my hair.  My hair STAYED in the exact same curled position!  I looked like Buckwheat after he won the soap-box derby and ran into the hay bale!  Not certain what my retribution on my niece should be....but I will come up with something....

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  1. Your new favorite hairdresser to the rescue! She neglected to tell you to use a soft gel and once dry to 'mess' up the now formed SOFT curls. It does work! We'll talk Saturday.
    Love your work and I am following, are you following me?​m