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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn Joy

The winds whip leaves of all colors, shapes and sizes past my window.  Leaves are stripped from branches without fanfare.  None of the gentle glide, wafting on a warm autumn breeze.  Rending the branches bare for the onset of winter, seems to be the only answer to these fall storms. 

The rain beats against the windows on all four sides of the house.  It’s impossible to tell which direction the winds are originating from.  I fear for the birds.  A stray grackle tumbles past my window.  I can only imagine it must have lost its footing as the tree it sought protection with was blown over. 

Tumultuous weather creating havoc for friend and foe.  Umbrellas turned inside out.  Collars turned up against the wind.  Eyes glancing upwards to ensure no trees (or houses) will be falling on their heads.
Autumn is filled with joy.  Autumn demands we embrace winter.  


  1. As so we must prepare for the long winter ahead. Thank goodness we have Autumn to do that!



  2. Yes-- some autumn days don't seem so joyous--but then there are those ones that make you smile to be alive!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  3. That sounds like some storm!! After one like that, more leaves are on the ground than in the trees. Well done!