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Sunday, October 21, 2012

In My Bathroom GBE 2 #75

In My Bathroom

GBE 2: Blog On   Week #75

The grandchildren arrive mid morning.  Both Bob and I are so excited to see their beautiful faces, hug their little bodies, and hear their delightful laughter.
Braelynn with Popsicle to cool down 

Bursting through the doors as if Kramer were coming through, they split ranks and run to hug our legs. (I just love that phrase.  A good friend of mine coined it when she wants/needs to see her mother who lives in Florida she will say “I need to go hug my Mom’s legs”.) In anticipation, Bob and I have made sure we have on slacks that can take a good face/nose wiping.  (one just never knows what the remnants might be)
Reid and Hudson taking inventory

After hauling out all of the toys Grammaleigh keeps, taking detailed inventory that no one else has played with or broken any toys, we head outside.  Thankfully, the backyard is fenced in since Bob and I can’t always keep up with what they are doing. 

Braelynn and Grammaleigh swatting flies
We encourage running.  Especially during the water pistol fights.  We encourage screaming, yelling, whistling, somersaults, hopping, jumping, and bug investigations.  We want them to be just as tired as we are!  None of this staying up late stuff, for them, because Bob and I certainly can’t handle it!

Reid and Hudson
After dinner and two more showing of whatever movie has already played three times….it’s bath time.  In my bathroom, the water is drawn.  The bubbles are added.  The bath toys come down from the shelf; floating puzzle, the red and yellow fish, and the plastic measuring cup for rinsing off. The can of spray soap is handed off and the shower doors closed for complete fun.  Grammaleigh grabs a book and seats herself knowing the bathwater will be drained and replenished several times.

Braelynn, Grampa and Riley
After a nice warm bath, Grammaleigh swoops them from the tub, tosses them onto the bed, rubs them moderately dry, and lathers them up with lotion.  Soft baby lotion to sooth the savage beast!  Donning pajamas, they climb onto Grampa’s lap to have a story read and rock into sleep.

That’s the magic of my bathroom.



  1. Grandkids must be great! We're at that in-between-stage. Our kids are all young adults who have not married yet, so they better not make us grandparents. 24,22,&19--we have time.

    I love the routine of the visit and how you explained it along with bath toys. My son used to play with his sisters' Barbie dolls in the bathtub. He'd grab them by the middle and fly them like airplanes. Finally, he'd bash their heads into the wall.

    1. Grandkids are great! Exhausting, fun, and it's not your express job to make them be good people. It's your job to round out their education and show them how to think outside of the box! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

  2. My nieces and nephews are lucky to have grandparents like you! What a sweet story!

  3. I love this time of visiting and loving and playing and loudness outside. I also live the quiet of the getting ready for bed routines. I agree the world revolves around the babies when they come to stay.
    You made us feel like eavesdroppers So well done.

    Being grandparents does rock big time.

    1. Grandparenting is the best job I've ever had! Thanks for the indulgence!

  4. Such a lovely picture you drew, must be huge fun!

  5. It sounds like your grandkids have a blast at your house!! They are lucky to have you.


  6. How fun!I'm fortunate to have both my parents around for my kids!Grandparents are fun!!

  7. How wonderful! Is there anything in the world more fun than entertaining the grands?!

  8. Love your descriptions! I think you have lucky grandkids. At 22, 19, 15 and 14, mine are kind of past the bathtub toy stage, but we still keep one--my older daughter's "rubber ducky." I think I might have told the story about how she wanted an actual duck decoy instead of one the cute little yellow ones. Ah well--waiting now for great-grands--not expecting them any time soon.