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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shadows Blogfest #13


The leafless tree limb wavered in the wind, tap tap tapping on her window.  The shadow of the new growth appeared as long bony fingers on across her wall.  Reaching towards her with one hand and pointing to the door with the other. 

She had lain in the same bed all summer long without noticing the hands.  Had the tree simply grown like that over the summer?  Or had it changed since that strange encounter only yesterday.  He hadn't seemed a frightening stranger, at first.

Fran, her best friend since forever, and she had been spending the day together out shopping.  The man had interjected himself into their festive shopping activity. It had all seemed innocent enough, at the beginning. 

It was the pre-holiday season.  Shopping for discounts.  The two friends had been filled with resolve; they would not spend more than they had last year and they would purchase many more items for the same amount of money.  With lists in hand, they sauntered through the end doors of the shopping mall.

From time to time the two friends would exchange a look, breaking out into laughter, “Oh yeah, we brought lists to buy gifts for other people.” Arms loaded, heading into the dressing room, smug looks covered both of their faces. Suddenly he was there, flashing his camera in their faces.

“Stop!” Fran held her hand up while Nancy held the clothing, she had intended to try on, up hiding both of them.  The camera flashed and clicked on. 

“Aw, common. All your friends are letting me snap their pics.” The young man lowered the camera from his face.  With one startling sky blue and the other eye golden colored, his eyes startled Nancy enough she gasped while taking steps backwards. Nancy turned and fled into the dressing rooms, away from the camera and the man behind the camera. 

Fran, following her friend into the dressing room area, was visibly baffled.  Frowning, she located her shaken friend.  Wrapping her arms around Nancy, Fran cooed soft noises and stroked her hair.  She had never seen Nancy like this.  Nancy had always been the pillar of strength; proud and strong.  Not this simpering ball of tears. 
Fishing for a tissue in her purse, Nancy sheepishly smiled at Fran wiped her tears and blew her nose.  “My sister, Nina.”  Everyone had heard about Nina.  She had been a petite gorgeous model.  One of the fortunate ones who made it big.  Otherwise, Fran didn’t have any other knowledge.  Nina had died a couple of years ago.

Drying her tears, Nancy collected the clothing she had tossed into the corner and hung it on the rack as the two friends left the dressing room area.  Fortunately for Nancy, the store wasn’t too busy right now, so there weren’t many gawking eyes prying into her business. 

The two friends decided to get some coffee at the mall bistro.  After seating themselves, Fran gave Nancy room to collect her thoughts. 
“Nancy, you don’t have to tell me what that guy triggered, but I wish you would.”  Fran’s concerned look made Nancy smile. 

“I suppose it’s really nothing.” She began haltingly. “And yet, it’s everything.  Nina was my older sister.  I miss her so much.  I could call her or just drop by to see her, wherever she was working. I idolized her. Then she met a man.  He was going to push her career to “new heights”, he was going to make her a house-hold name.  She was head over heels for this guy.  He was a photographer.  Very good looking with a devil-may care attitude for status quo.  She became so wrapped up in him.  Whatever he said, she would jump after it.  He took over as her manager.  He kept her from the family.  To this day, we don’t know what his hold over her was.  I was with her the night she died.  He tried to get me to leave, but I wouldn't.   I had gone to pick up a pizza, when I got back she was dead.  I testified in court against him.  He said he would come back for me.  He had one blue eye and one golden brown eye.”  Nancy shuddered,  goose pimples exploding on her arms. “I have lived all this time,believing his threats were just that, threats.  But, having a photographer with those same eyes, clicking at us.  That just rattled my nerves.” 

Sipping her hot spiced apple cider, Fran mulled this new information over in her mind.  “I think you should not stay alone.  I think you should stay with me for tonight and then we will figure out a larger plan of attack or defense, whichever is needed.”

Nancy silently agreed, nodding her head. “Only short term. I will not play victim for anyone.  I need a defensive plan of attack.”
Nancy watched the shadows crawl across her bedroom wall.  The tree had grown so much this past summer.  It was threatening and comforting in its growth.  She had positioned some of her arsenal in that tree.  Go ahead, she thought, I am ready for you.  Those same shadows you will try to hide in, will be your downfall.  I will take you out just like I did your mentor. You haven't a clue the changes I've gone through. 

The leafless tree limb wavered in the wind, tap tap tapping on her window.  The shadow of the new growth appeared as long bony fingers on across her wall.  Reaching towards her with one hand and pointing to the door with the other. 



  1. Do you ever scare yourself? LOL Good job.

    1. You crack me up! Just call me Dorian Gray! All the scary stuff on paper...

  2. nice. I would have liked to do this prompt, if I didn't have a new puppy that has left me sleepless.

    1. Good luck with a puppy! THAT would be my nightmare!

  3. Cool and scary story! Thanks!


  4. What a chilling tale! Well done!


  5.!! Loved this. I love how you told this!! I want more!! :D

    Cheers, Jenn.