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Friday, October 19, 2012

Make a Wish - What Talent Would You Wish For?

Make a Wish – What Talent Would You Wish For?

Dressed in her civilian gym clothes, she eyed her sparring partner as she began down the ramp from the dressing room.  Sneering at him she thought of her trainers words, “Kick boxing is not for the faint of heart or the out of shape!”  And he had meant it. 

After four years of working out six hours a day, every day.  She felt she was ready for the bout.  She knew her opponent did not have a clue she was female.  She was fairly certain the gym didn't even realize it.  She had opted to be “shirts”. 

Pulling the ropes apart to slide into the ring, again she glanced towards her opponent.  He was whippet thin.  His lack of fat only exacerbated his lack of muscle.  His arms were considerably smaller than hers.  Dressed in blue trunks, his legs showed sinewy thighs and calves.  His physic made her think more of a dancer than of a fighter.  This knowledge showed her the fight plan. 

He would be very light on his feet, dancing.  This might work in most of his bouts, it wouldn’t work today.  The theory behind rapid foot movement is to keep the opponent heavy, solid and slow to move.  She’d show him what ten years of ballet can do!

For years, she had wished for the talent to become a professional ballet dancer.  She had the graceful technique.  She had the stamina.  She simply could not maintain the reduced weight demanded of a diva. 

After an excruciatingly dreadful day, she left the Russian Ballet Academy for good.  Off to college.  Her parents had wanted her to get her education all along. She had known she wasn’t good enough to go to both schools and initially chose the RBA.  Now with her Bachelor’s degree within grasp, she wanted to earn enough money to pay off her student loans.  Kick-boxing seemed a lucrative avenue.  As long as the authorities didn’t find out about her gender until after she had cashed the check.

Punching her gloves together, shrugging her rope off her shoulders.  She faces her opponent directly, for the first time.  They look into one another’s eyes.  She sees his hunger for the win and she blatantly shows him hers.  She knows just with the look, she has already won.


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