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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How Technology Has Made Traveling Easier Today

How Technology Has Made Traveling Easier Today
Blogfest# 10 Hosted by Kate Benzin

Technology has made many changes in the way people and animals travel.  We have automobiles, trains, planes and ships. 

The venues for purchasing tickets are nearly endless, one can either;  physically go to the local travel agency, call the travel agency to book travel, go on-line to any one of the on-line travel agencies who tout the lowest prices. 

Rail is fast becoming the way to travel again.  As I have yet to experience this mode of travel, I cannot comment on whether or not it is convenient or comfortable.  I do, however, feel it is the most “green” of mass transit we have to date.

Plane rides…well, they certainly are not what they were twenty years ago.  On some planes the first two rows were smoke free.  The entire plane would billow with smoke, burning your eyes even if you weren't actually partaking.  The exhaust system leaves much to be desired today. 

But, I digress.  Technology.  You can select your seat from home.  You have the privilege of loading your luggage onto the conveyor, after answering questions as to whether or not someone asked you to pack things for them.  It seems to me, our transportation system has become more and more like Germany during the cold war.  Policed heavily. 

Is it easier?  I don’t think so.  The time stumbling blocks are simply different stumbling blocks.  Planes still get delayed or cancelled.  In an overt ploy of “safety” you can no longer take your own food on the plane and must purchase from the airlines. 

This is just one person’s take on today’s travel.  People are in a hurry to go nowhere, but they need to get there right now! 

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