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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Favorite Halloween Memory - Trick-Or-Treat

Favorite Halloween Memory
Trick Or Treat

Blogfest #29

The year was 1965, I was ten.  It was the warmest Halloween in memory.  It was so warm, there was concern about the little ones overheating during the Halloween Parade.  No jackets needed that year.

I was ten.  I was going to be able to go trick-or-treating with my friends, just like we were “older”.  Before we could take off our separate ways Holly, my older sister,  and I had to take the two little ones once around the neighborhood.  Since pretty much everyone knew our family.  Wanting to get our “chore” over with and quickly join our friends and the older kids, Holly and I decided to split up.

Holly took Sandy, who was then all of four years old, and started up one side of the street.  I took Scott, who was just five, and began ringing doorbells on the other side of the street.  All the while, on my side of the street, I would step up and say “Sandy is home sick, so I’m collecting candy for her.”  Conversely, on her side of the street, Holly was doing the same thing, “Scott is home sick, so I’m collecting candy for him.” 

We buzzed through the neighborhood, our pillow sacks filled to the brim with goodies, and the two little ones exhausted from us hustling them along.  Dropping Scott and Sandy off back at home, we were very welcomed as the two little ones were then shuffled off to a warm tub and then bed, without complaint.

It was my first year as a “big kid” and I relished the idea of participating in the antics I had heard  about from my older brothers, Rick and Brad.  As well planned as Holly and I tried to be, we simply could not catch up to the older kids.  Deciding we shouldn’t let the evening be a complete loss, we started our own candy begging in earnest.  Pillow cases in tow we; jumped hedges, elbowed smaller kids out of the way, and doubled the earlier haul. 
I don’t think I ever had as much fun trick-or-treating as I did that year.  I spent time with my younger brother and my older sister.  It was memorable to be one of the big kids with the responsibility of one of the younger kids.  It was exciting to be able to run the neighborhood with my older sister.  New to the whole nearly grown up thing, it was a relief not to find the “older” kids.