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Monday, October 15, 2012

If I Ruled the World

If I Ruled the World

Jo Heroux is the host whom I believe is more than just a tad more diabolical than she lets on! Click on Jo's name to be taken to her blog. 

“I rule the WORLD!” He stood at the window with arms outstretched as if commanding everyone to love him, hug him, adore him.

Poor little misunderstood, unappreciated, lonely boy.  Grown now, and still that hurt child within yearns for the affection he so longingly hungered for years gone by.  The hurts scabbed over.  The pain buried in the back of his mind.  His heart hardened and closed to affection.

Richard’s Remedies had been the cornerstone drug manufacturing business in the state for the last one hundred years.  Founded by his grandfather, then expanded by his father, Richard the Third had made the company a worldwide household name.  With Richard III’s expansions, the company had diversified enough to have at least one specialty in every country.

The first Richard Addington had labored long and lovingly to build a healing, nurturing company.  Educated as a doctor, botany was a natural step towards the health of not only his family but the community as a whole. Learning to make aspirin from birch bark to keep people from becoming addicted to laudanum.  That was a vile evil as far as Richard Addington was concerned.  If he could find better, less invasive, less addicting ways to keep his community healthy and working, that was good enough reason to continue.

Richard II didn’t see the community through the loving eyes his father did.  Often ridiculed for his club foot, Richard II didn’t have many friends.  Of course, he blamed everyone else for his bad temper and the trouble it led him to.  Naturally, he never noticed the kids didn’t tease him about his foot, rather they teased him for the blunders he made in his anger which got him into trouble.   

The company, through Richard’s direction had become world renown for their poisons and insecticides.  Dicky, as Richard III was known as a child, delighted in the invention of another new poison.  He got to test it, after all.  Testing poisons on bugs was even more fun than pulling wings from flies, for this was not only applauded by his father, it was wholeheartedly endorsed. 

Then those awful activists came around.  They wanted him to shut down his factory!  They demanded he pay those sniveling peasants.  For what?  Being honored with the most important testing ever?  He had shown them, hadn’t he!  They aren’t bothering him now! He had put them in their “places”, right alongside his father!

The knock at his door pulled him from his reverie.  “Mr. Addington, there is someone here to see you.” It was his personal secretary. 

Dicky sneered, “And whom might that be?”  

He was beginning to lose his patience with this old woman.  She hovered, she knew too much. 

She needs to take a trip to the vats.  I’m sure she would love to meet Jimmy Hoffa. Deep in contemplation, he didn’t hear her reply. 

As the sedative took over and Dicky calmed down.  He was smiling as he looked at the secretary, “Well played Mother, they will never suspect you as an accomplice.”



  1. Loved your story.....and the twist in the tale.... Read my take on ruling the world here.

  2. Sometimes your inner self freakin' scares me!
    Admitting that I love this, though, unsettling is an understatement!