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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Blogfest#16  Hosted by Sylvie Branch

“Insincerity is almost worse than nothing.”  Julie was angry.  Her face was nearly as red as her curly hair.  Folding her arms across her chest, she sat on the couch next to me.  “I cannot believe she could say she was sorry and just walk away, like nothing happened, like all is forgiven because she was gracious enough to utter that word, sorry.  Big deal, sorry doesn't fix anything.  It sure doesn't fix my car she smashed up.  I have to pay the deductible,  not her.  I am the one without a car to get back and forth to work for the next couple of weeks, not her.  I still carry the responsibility.  Saying I’m sorry doesn't make it all right.”

“When I was young, there was a movie called “Love Story”.  It was all the rage.  There was a scene where the heroine takes the hero’s face in her hands and says; Love means never having to say you’re sorry.  Well, I have always disagreed with that statement.  The only people you really have to say you are sorry to, are the people you love and care about.  Who cares if a stranger forgives you or not?  Who cares if someone you barely know unfriends you on Facebook? The people you need to really care about and take care of are your friends and family.  For they are the people who will have your back when things are tough.”  I drape my arm around her shoulders pulling her close for a sideways hug.

Putting her head on my shoulder she sighs, “I know.  Thanks, I know you’ll make sure I get back and forth to work.  I know it’ll take her a month of Sunday’s and probably no money, but she will try very hard to make it up to me.  I know I shouldn't be so mad.  But, I do need to make sure she takes the responsibility and not let her apology become empty.  That wouldn't be good for her or me.”

I hug her tightly.  I’m proud she understands the word “sorry” and will make certain her sister holds it in its proper place of reverence.


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  1. Excellent post Leigh!! I agree-- you only have to worry about those that love and care about you when you apologize. I know that when I do apologize--it is because I mean it--and regardless of who I apologize to--and mostly I apologize because I feel sorry and I need to let the other person know that I acknowledge the error of my ways.

    Cheers, Jenn