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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Moment In time

One Moment in My Life

Blogfest #31 hosted by Angela Tjong 

I don’t know that I could ever pick one moment in my life that changed everything, altered my perception, that defined my life or the world, since I have been fortunate to have many.

The first real epiphany I recall?  I was driving my first car in to work.  Heading east.  The sunrise was exceptionally colorful, filled with golds, reds, against the vibrant blue background.  My heart, literally, skipped a beat.  I felt I was glowing.  I was overly warm and yet I had goose pimples. I knew that I was on my way.  To exactly where, I wasn’t all that certain, but I knew that I had recently made some decisions and that those very decisions were setting my feet onto the correct path to lead me to the “rest of my life”.  I was seventeen at the time. 

I awoke one morning and knew I was pregnant with a girl.  I had been a tom-boy all my life.  What kind of joke was it that the universe would give me a daughter?  I could throw the nicest spiral foot-ball.  How was I ever going to pass that on to a girl.  To my surprise and delight my daughter has taught me so much of life!  Without her, I honestly don’t think I would have been given any other epiphany I ever experienced.  Her little life demanded I quit working three jobs and select just one, her life demanded I slow down and smell the roses.  I didn’t understand she had been sent as my teacher until she was about four, until then I had the audacity to think I was to teach her!

The first day I rubbed lotion onto the blue feet and legs of my younger sister, that was the day I felt with my whole body that she was actually going to die.  It sunk into the pit of my stomach like a rock.  She had been battling lung cancer for two years. But, rubbing the lotion onto her feet and legs not only warmed her by moving the blood, it allowed me intimacy with my sister I would all too soon lose.

As my husband pushed the edger up the hill of our sidewalk, sweat running down his brow, shirt as brown as the dirt he was kicking up, snow white hair plastered to his head, I got that warm goose pimply feeling.  Oh, some might call that love.  For me, it was a realization that I been fortunate to have spent the last twenty years with my best friend.  Oh sure, we’ve had some doozies for arguments.  We don’t always see eye to eye.  But we sure make a good team.  When Bob and I work together, we can accomplish anything.  I simply had that old “rush” of emotion and positive feelings drop in for a visit.
Over the course of life, you are given many “one moment in life”.  Savor each of them.  As you fall asleep at night roll them over in your mind relishing each aspect of the moment.  These small moments are the result of your decision when you came to the crossroad.  The path your feet are taking for the rest of your life.



  1. I loved this. I loved the story of your daughter and your sister. Beautiful!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. I needed this today Leigh! Beautiful and God-sent!

  3. Such wonderful moments written so beautifully. I can tell each one was very special. Kudos!

  4. Lovely moments, beautifully written!


  5. I am so happy to have been one of your "One moments in Life" You have also been mine. Love you and I love reading your stories. This one brought a tear or 2 to my eyes.

  6. I enjoyed each moment that you have shared with us. How at the age of seventeen, you can see clearly your path of life. How your girl has become your own teacher and your treasure of life. And How I can feel your love for your sister. Though, she is no longer with you, that moment of life will be with you forever.
    How much you have enjoyed with being with your husband--I can see the love in the air :-)
    And, what I've enjoyed the most is your summary ..."Over the course of life, you are given many “one moment in life”. Savor each of them"

    Thank you for participating in this prompt, One Moment of Your Life!

  7. I also love you and your moments are just perfection. Your sister, your daughter and then that man you found or who found you are all the moments that made you YOU. So lovingly written and so lovingly read.

  8. Thanks for sharing some lovely moments of your life. Children are truly great teachers.

  9. I'm still catching up with the posts on the BlogFEST, Leigh, but I'm so glad I got this one. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your moments - deep, personal and so full of emotion. ♥

  10. Yes. You have had many once in a time kind of moments. It's interesting that you should have a girl. I know Moms who would have done great with girls but had boys. Life does some interesting surprises.